I guess I must tell you about a superior musician and it’s no wonder that he’s got a “Top Ten charting Album” on the Billboard charts. Who are you asking me about, well the this guy is a real guy and sings awesome and his album is one to die for. I am truly blessed to have to write this review on this talented guy his name is Grant Maloy Smith and his album called “Dust Bowl” is one superbly and belongs in the major league of musicians. From the first cut called “Old Black River” Grant is just simply put amazing and the sheer presentation of his music is out of this world…outstanding. I see that he is “Americana” I guess, that is how some may describe Grant, however I describe him as blow you out of the water musician. The next track called “Lily of the Valley” Grant is superior in his musicianship and his craft is a fine sharpened instrument. With this song Grant surpasses the above the rest. As I listened to this marvelous piece of sheer artistry in motion I totally fell in love with Grants style and picking and his tremendous vocal range though each song. “So far Away” Grant continues his style and simply put, blew me away, excuse the pun “So Far Away” and I just love ,love,  love this album. Grant has a very unique and splendid way of singing and putting together a masterpiece of an album. “Ride That Train” Grant continues his feel, of in touch songs and makes his music come at you, and is just simply put pure awesomeness. “Isht a Lhampko” the definition ” Have Strength” and what a story in a half, and Grants vocals are outstanding and his lyrics and phenomenal and the music is a total dream of mine, where I never wish to awaken. “Me Time’ is yet another total winner on this marvelous piece of music history and the fiddle adds that authentic sound and with Grants superb vocals kept my foot stompin’ away to the music all the way through. “Pushing Back the Wind” Grant’s vocals and his musicality is, well to be quite honest I’ve run out of adjectives to describe how great this album is. With a little twist of bluegrass and a little “Grantism” added to the mix. Grant just never stop amazing me, song after song, as I listened I kept pinching myself & the song called “Never Seen the Rain” Grant just kept my music pallet entertained all the way through on every song. “All the Long Way” Grant just continues to soar like an eagle and I am totally impressed with his superior music writing and his vocals just hit a spot on my heart which add the true emotional value to his wonderful music. “I come from America’ is another foot stompin’ song that keep the album’s full impact, a very emotional and heartfelt song, amongst all the other songs on this above the top album. And the song mentions Bakersfield in it so it has touched a emotional nerve with myself, being raised in Bakersfield. “Daddy if You have to Go” Grant, shows and this song really brought on the tears to my face as I typed this review into my computer. Grant is the master of his craft and I am going to find where he is playing music and I will be there in person. I usually have a favorite song on an album but for this particular album the whole album in it’s entirety is my favorite song, all of them, all songs are just outstanding finely polished like a rare gem that once you see it and feel it in person you just don’t realize how beautiful it is, this describes Grants superb music style “And the Rain Comes Down” is the a song that just cements my feelings of this miraculous and a true legendary masterpiece of a music album. The last song on this superb polished and finely sharpened album is a reprise of the song “Old Black Roller” brings into light the fullness and richness of this truly great album. I am honored and truly and totally blessed to write a music review on such real and emotional talent, Mr. Grant Maloy Smith, I thank him for allowing me to be a part of his music journey and thank for hearing such a marvelous and masterful piece of music, this truly was one of the best 45 minutes of my life.

Steven F. Adams

Owner/Music Journalist/Writer SoundWaveOne



Author: SOUNDWAVEONE Steven F. Adams

I have a very extensive broadcasting & music back round. with over 30 years experience. I started a writing career, with the idea bringing notice to the industry, writing about individuals, from all around the globe, all genres and remaining consistent with my slogan of "Hearing is Believing", and bringing out the "positive" in all artists no matter how small, big or different. I feel all need to be given that chance to be noticed for their talents and allow others to hear, and be exposed to their craft. As of date I have written well over 180 music album reviews and continue to acquire more everyday. Some legends, some independent artists, but all in all my wish is they get the to share the stage lights within the industry and with my "Positive " music posts through my writing about them and reviewing their album always in a "Positive" forum.

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