The new album by  music artist Karisa Kay, called “Somebody To Love” I was actually blown away. From the start of the album the song called “Three Truths and A Lie” and Karisa nails it. The song has great lyrical content and I really thought that Karisa has a sound that is really good. Her voice is distinctive and an almost Tanya Tucker sounding but remains to be her own sound. The next song called “Three Fingers Down” Karisa has a sound that is clear and vivid as her lyrics she has a real life story to tell you and with this song she Kicks and allows you to really feel what she’s telling you. With the next song called “Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System” where this song has a feel of raucus and really showcases her style that have flavor & gust. This particular song I really felt the kicks and punches but they were gentle since Karisa has “Too Much Blood in her Alcohol System” “Somebody To Love” a great song a slow down the tempo and once again a story telling side of Karisa that really makes her musicality great. music artists like this are my  favorites to write reviews on cause I write from my heart and so do they. “I hope She Leaves You” Karisa really shows her emotional feelings about the person who must have hurt her that she sings and she speaks right to the issue, with no holds barred and nothing holding back. Once gain real life story telling, awesome. With the next song called “That’s not Me” It seems as if Karisa has a theme to this record where sing consistently sings about her life & her surroundings and what a really emotionally charged collection of songs on this superb album by Karisa. “Mommy I Broke my Heart” Karisa sings about her feelings throughout and this song really reflects this and leaves Karisa vulnerable but that makes a true honesty in her music. These songs I listened to for the last hour or so were really well received and Karisa is one of those artists that touch your heart with her compelling lyrics and musicality. “Don’t Fall In Love” I hear the consistent theme to her style and I feel that Karisa really has a sound that needs to be heard and in all the songs she sings on this album continue her lifes’ story. “This Is Me” Karisa really has the command of the country ballad where this is probably my favorites on the album and Karisa has a smooth sound and this song has “Hit” all over it. “Morning Sure Comes Early” Karisa ramps up her musicality with this song and this song rings a real good message and tells a superb story, and at times I had a tear or two, this song has the sounds that provoked emotions from me and Karisa and wonderful vocal arrangements are superb and most enjoyable. “Twelve Pack” Karisa is amazing where she sings throughout this wonderfully produced and amazingly sung and written, where her emotions throughout are raw and at the surface on every song, and this song is a perfect example of this. “The Love You Leave Behind” now this song along with the whole album are a truly real life experience and incredibly honest and real. Karisa brings in that real feel to her music and her lyrics reflect her incredible way of bringing her messages to you with her wonderful and soothing vocals. This song is a ready to go on the radio, now. kind of song and Karisa has the ability to express this with her inflections throughout her music and as she sings each song. The last song on this tremendously polished and very fine album is called ‘I Wish My Heart Would Break Enough” and once again the Karisas’ honesty shines through and through with every song on this superb album. I thank Karisa for her tremendous friendship & her awesome music. I hope to hear her music on the radio soon.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist/Reviewer/Publicist/Promoter Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2018 used by permission

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Author: SOUNDWAVEONE Steven F. Adams

I have a very extensive broadcasting & music back round. With over 30 years experience. I have been nominated for several writing awards (ie) publicist and promoter of the year also, one of the industries most revered music reviewers. I started a writing career, with the idea bringing notice to the industry all music artists, focusing on Indie artists, and many mainstream artists as well. Writing about individuals, from all around the globe, all music genres and remaining consistent with my slogan of "Hearing is Believing", and "All Music Matters and bringing out the "positive" in all artists no matter how small, big or different. I feel all need to be given that chance to be noticed for their talents and allow others to hear, and noticed for their talent. As of date I have written well over 400 music album reviews and continue to acquire more everyday. Some legends, some independent artists. My continuing wish is they get the to share the stage lights within the industry. With making a difference with my "Positive " music reviews through my writing style, about them & for them and reviewing their music always in a "Positive" forum.

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