Well I must say after listening to the new album from music artist Seth Hilary Jackson. the name of his album is called “This One’s For You” and I must say that Seth really has a sound that is of contagious manor to it. With the first song called “You’re a Diamond” Seth brings in a true distinct flavor to his style and his message throughout this song is just what the title says “You’re a Diamond”, it seemed like Seth was writing a song to that someone special in his life and does a n admirable job at expressing this through his lyrics and songwriting abilities and his band with their guitar works throughout. The next song called “If Love Had A Butt”, ok, well Seth has the ability to write a song and actually make it come out right. The song is a silent way of sneaking up on you and hit you and as you begin to share a chuckle with Seth. The song is a simple song that has that ability to hear Seth’s true talent his consistent expressiveness throughout the album. “Broken Promise Land ” is a really enjoyable song where Seth talks about the reality and the everyday life of a guy who works for what he’s got and speaks of his family and gives a narrative of his every day life and the harsh reality of it all. “If This Song”, where Seth has a kind of hook on this one where he sings about “This Song” and once again I hear Seth and his really expressive guitar backed musicians where they weave a simplistic but enjoyable rthyhm throughout his songs. With the next song called ‘Now and Then” Seth brings in his kindness and has an ability to make you feel his songs that have a breathing & living feeling to them and is rare, however with this Seth has impressed my ears for his unique & almost off angled approach in his style. “Gabrielle’ is another song that showcases Seth’s falsetto style and his magical feelings through this touching and emotional side of Seth’s music. With Seth’s ability to showcase his musicality he features his work with the rhythm guitar.  As I listened more to this album Seth stretches his vocals that add to his emotional believability. “Fear’ the next song on this truly unique & different style of music I could place Seth on a particular genre of music but it’s more like Folk marries Seth. At times the album is folk and other times you hear the Seth music style which is his own style & genre to itself. With the next song starting out called, “Forgive” Seth shows that an almost plea for smoothness, but Seth has a style that is just Seth music and my definition is what Seth sings is what his style or genre is, and each song reflects his genre depending on the song content and how Seth’s voice follows his own rules. The song is Seth’s way of pleading out about his ability to forgive himself. “When it Came  To You” once again Seth brings in his singing his heart through his own guitar work on this particular song and speaks and sings to that special person that he has seems like speaking to & with the whole album through. “Always Fighting” Seth begins the song & seems to use his music as an outlet for his emotions & uses his singing as his outlet. The album is most definitely directed at the other person in Seth’s life. “This One’s For You” Seth maintains his an almost cry for help & forgiveness through his emotionally enhanced vocals throughout. All in all this album called “This Ones for You” Seth Hilary Jackson, has a genre all his own and is very enjoyable & soft on the ears and he sings what some of us will or have gone through in life one time or another. I thank Seth for sharing his gift of music and would really enjoy hearing him in a live appearance, perhaps this will happen. thank you to Seth for entrusting me to write a review on his new album called “This One’s For You” All in all this in an incredible music artist & band that is well worth checking them out.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist/Reviewer/Publicist Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2018 used by permission

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Author: SOUNDWAVEONE Steven F. Adams

I have a very extensive broadcasting & music back round. with over 30 years experience. I started a writing career, with the idea bringing notice to the industry, writing about individuals, from all around the globe, all genres and remaining consistent with my slogan of "Hearing is Believing", and bringing out the "positive" in all artists no matter how small, big or different. I feel all need to be given that chance to be noticed for their talents and allow others to hear, and be exposed to their craft. As of date I have written well over 180 music album reviews and continue to acquire more everyday. Some legends, some independent artists, but all in all my wish is they get the to share the stage lights within the industry and with my "Positive " music posts through my writing about them and reviewing their album always in a "Positive" forum.

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