As a music reviewer and publicist there are many musicians that I have written music reviews for and from all genres of the business. When I started writing my reviews several years ago I began the journey of my childhood fantasies and dreams, Dreams of that in which I didn’t realize at the time ,being scared and not knowing where it may take me and how far. As a music reviewer I have been asked to write reviews for folks all around the world, and many famous, and many independent music artists not so famous but remain within the circle of all music matters.

With the slogan of my own company for the last 25 plus years,  I have been honored & truly blessed to have written music reviews for all music genre. It was told to me many, many times…” Focus on one genre of music, just write on Country musicians, just write on Rock and Rollers”. Well to put it into perspective, I am a very stubborn and hard- headed individual, and heeded my own advice and continued writing music reviews for all genres and, not just one. I am very grateful and honored and blessed with this decision.

I qualify this statement only because I have written music reviews for folks who play country music, Rock, Jazz, the blues classical and even opera… yes, I said opera! With this being said, several that I have I have been truly rewarded several times that I have written music reviews. What I am eluding to is that all of these artists share my true belief that “Hearing is Believing” and All Music Matters”, and ultimately,. I have been honored, blessed and given the huge opportunity and my all time dream to write for such a beautiful person who is famous as well.

I am speaking of the eldest daughter of the late Elvis Presley and still living mother Priscilla Presley.  Her name Elaine Elizabeth Presley, and what a superb and yet hauntingly beautiful song she has. The song is called “Scared Little Child” and the song is simply put “out of this world” and I actually felt the presence of Elvis just listening to the song for the first time. After speaking with Elaine this cemented my emotional feelings while listening to the song. I have listened to the song several times since & my music player has been in repeat mode ever since. I love the song, and the song really paints a clear and vivid picture of a child in a church praying.

The song is “Hauntingly Beautiful” where I felt not only the presence of Elvis but the presence of the emotional feeling that Elaine brings within her amazing vocals that usher in the presence of spiritual emotions throughout the song. For a little over four in a half  minutes Elaine brought me to my knees and made me feel so blessed and honored and knowing that I took the right path which is set for me by none other than the angels above guiding me in my beautiful life’s journey.

Having my dream come true speaking with Elaine and  knowing who she is and hearing her magical and beautiful gift of music and making me realize that God is always on my side, wherever we may roam. Even as a “Scared Little Child” he is there to always comfort and protect us.

I thank Georgia Paris for the introduction to me and Elaine and making my childhood dreams a reality. I also wish to thank Elaine for sharing her incredible gift of music and her amazing friendship as well. I am anxiously waiting for the release of Elaine’s new project featuring this beautiful and amazing song and many others.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer Music Publicist Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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Author: SOUNDWAVEONE Steven F. Adams

I have a very extensive broadcasting & music back round. With over 30 years experience. I have been nominated for several writing awards (ie) publicist and promoter of the year also, one of the industries most revered music reviewers. I started a writing career, with the idea bringing notice to the industry all music artists, focusing on Indie artists, and many mainstream artists as well. Writing about individuals, from all around the globe, all music genres and remaining consistent with my slogan of "Hearing is Believing", and "All Music Matters and bringing out the "positive" in all artists no matter how small, big or different. I feel all need to be given that chance to be noticed for their talents and allow others to hear, and noticed for their talent. As of date I have written well over 400 music album reviews and continue to acquire more everyday. Some legends, some independent artists. My continuing wish is they get the to share the stage lights within the industry. With making a difference with my "Positive " music reviews through my writing style, about them & for them and reviewing their music always in a "Positive" forum.

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