As a writer music publicist promoter and music reviewer I must say I have been involved in the music scene for at least 30 some years. With this being said an music album arrived the other day in my mail bag from an amazing array of talent. Arriving from the Great American Songbook, and a song written by Tanya Wills. The name of the band is The Tanya Wills Quartet, and her debut album is called “It’s Time”. Wowsers!!! amazing, from the start of this marvelous and simply out freaking unbelievable, Tanya and her vocals are both exciting, and sultry and damn near pitch perfect. The album starts out with a bang, an version, and I might add a sexy one at that of Otis Blackwell & Elvis Presley a song called “All Shook Up” and Tanya got me All Shook Up, after hearing her version. Tanya has a sound that evolves and reflects such pure emotions and it bleeds love & passion. The next song on this amazing and sure fire album Tanya adds her sultriness and purely sensual vocals to the song called “Lazy Afternoon” and Tanya and the Quartet make the “A” train on this arrival. The next track was written by Tanya, and it tucks in nicely within the assortment of the rest of the album and Tanya has the ability to make one feel as if you have been transported back to the days of “Wine & Roses”. With this being said the next song has been one of my favorites of all time, the song “Cry Me A River”, Tanya places her magical and pure elements of sophistication on it and arrives with pure satisfaction. As I listened to this amazing album I began to feel a pulse running through my veins, and with the next song really blew me away. The song “Jambalaya” a Hank Williams Sr. song, but never the less Tanya moves her magic and touching vocals on the song and proves her total vulnerabilities and brings a new breath to the song. “When Sunny Gets Blue” another song from the Great American Songbook, Tanya lends her sensuous vocals and brought my heart along with the emotion reflected within Tanya’s amazing talents. “If I Were A Bell” Tanya brings in her true talents and really has what it takes to make this song alive and has a kind of bebop with attitude. All through this wonderful and true to form album Tanya & the Quartet keep that rhythm moving along and made me feel as I have traveled back in time to hear all of these great songs for the first time. With 2 grandparents being opera singers and her formal training in dance Tanya arrives with a true to life sound that goes unmatched. “Rain On The Roof” another really amazing and so expressive with Tanya and her rich and full bodied vocal range makes the song and contends to be as good as the original. “Nice Work If You Can Get It” Tanya takes on the Gershwin Brothers songbook and not only rises to the occasion, but puts it through the roof, Tanya has an amazing vocal range and her sultriness adds fire and heat that keeps the feet moving and the heart smiling all the way through. With all of her tremendous vocals and total musicality Tanya Wills & her Quartet simply amazed me and with the next song called “Down To The River To Pray/ Down By The Riverside, Tanya brings out her sensitivity and ultimate tender side and makes an amazing and really heartfelt and really quite emotionally filled song that stirred my emotions to the point of tears streaming down my face, tears that were provoked by Tanya and her truly talented vocal articulation. As I listened to this amazing and truly a gift and musical treasure the next song even felt so crisp & real and up close and personal, where once again Tanya Willis has that consistent ability to provoke and maintain a totally amazing feeling and emotional level through her contagious and rich sultry and breathable vibes through her amazing assortment on this superior and maturely crafted music album that I will cherish forever. I thank Tanya for her amazing talent & friendship & her Quartet for their amazing talents as well. I look forward to hearing the next level of Tanya’s music journey and feel these tremendous vibes of an truly American songstress Tanya Wills Quartet.

Oh and a side note their is a “hidden track” on the Album where Tanya sings the Mac Davis song “In the Ghetto” and once again, shows her true & honest and sincere full rich flavor of her tremendous vocals.

Steven F. Adams

Writer Music Publicist/Promoter Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission



As Iistened to the amazing and almost eclectic sounds of a band called Black Market III, With  blues hints along the way, along with real rock added grungy flavor enhanced style On the new album “Dashboard Jesus” Daddy Rollin’ Stone” has got flare and I even heard a little gospel sound tucked beneath the musicality of this wonderful music group. The next song featured on this album is called “Wouldn’t Treat A Dog, The Way You Treated Me”, and the song has a deep soul reaching kind of sound that is very distinctive and nice. The album shares a bluesy feel to it as well with the next song “Your Love Is So Cruel” and Dashboard Jesus puts their spin on it and arrives with splendor and magnitude. “When The Sun Goes Down” is a work of lead singer & lead  guitarist for the band Scottie Blinn, and has a personal feel to it, and Scottie seems to have his cards in order with this song. The band has a feel of grunge and darkness but through that darkness arrives a clarity and magnification of the traditional bluesy feel. The song called “House Of The Rising Sun” a remake, despite this Scottie serves up the song with total awesomeness. On this song they actually slow the tempo down and make allow the feelings to be felt. “Prelude” has a slow down kind of feel in the beginning of the song with the approaching heaviness filling the speaker, only to evolve a guitaristic sound that showcases Scottie Blinn, and the rest of this eclectic and multi talented musical band of the millennium. “Black Roses” has a feel of the dark side of their music and brings in an almost late 60’s feel to it, despite this the band continues to amaze me. “Regresare” has a truly one of a kind sound that shares hints of accordion music and even sounds of the violin and brings a sound of Itlaia, but once again the band as one arrives with a sound that grows on you. “Live & Let Live” again has a sound that has a darkness to it that has a riff in it that derives from the Jimi Hendrix guitar school. All through the album the sounds from the 60’s and seventies rock bled through my speakers and I actually felt the vibes of that era in the bands music song selection. “O’ Mary Don’t You Weep” Scottie showcases his vocals and inthis case some major “pipes” and maintains the true strength in their band as a true contender in the music scene. The last song called “Gallows Pole” really brings in the blues with a really traditional blues song like this you will need a band that has their “Shit” together and this band does. If you have ears for the blues, this band has it for you. Scottie Blinn and Black Market III with their latest musical add “Dashboard Jesus” has that sound that brought me, back to the age of where blues intercepted with rock and brought us the Jimi Hendrix experience, and in response inspired so many others to play the blues. I thank Scottie Blinn for allowing me to be exposed to such a talented music band and would love, love to see them in concert in the “live” experience to get the full impact and actually feel the true pulse of their true talent up and close. I also thank the band for their amazing sounds that arrive in my speakers and allow me to feel and hear their incredible talent.

Steven F. Adams

Music Promoter/Publicist music reviewer & Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2019 used by permission


Well I have very impressed with what I’ve heard, lately, musically at least. The latest single from her new assortment of song.  Teresa Topaz, and her single “Whiskey Kinda Girl” the song starts out with the smell and feel of a real bluesy and has a feel of Sheryl Crowish kind of sound. The song carries emotion with it. Teresa seems to grab all musical styles and weave them  together and arrive with her own style. Teresa Topaz has the look and the sounds after reading and learning more about her & that she means business. The song has a bluesy feel added with the rock atmosphere and made me feel like I was in the club having a drink and absorbing all the scents and sounds of my surroundings. Teresa plays a mean and straight to the gut approach in her charismatic way of guitar licks.Teresa reflects her ability to write and compose an amazing song with this most recent release. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and left me wanting more. Teresa Topaz is one to be watched in the music scene, she has the feel and the pure presence of her style and makes me want to hear more from her. With Teresa and her charming looks, curvy cleavage and skin tats, allows one to know and see why Teresa Topaz really is a “Whiskey Kinda Girl” and adds to her credibility of who she is as amazing singer and as a talented kick butt and take no prisoners songwriter that projects hard edged musicality added with the hints of blues and ramped up with the full flavor of good rock. I thank Teresa for her amazing friendship and her superb musical talent and looking forward to hearing more of her eclectic and amazing musical talent.

Steven F. Adams

Music Promoter/ Publicist Music Reviewer  Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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With my latest listening time I found a band called The Fabrockators, with a couple of albums in hand one called “Just a Fabrockation” and another called “Party You Give” the band has a heavy feel at first listen. As you hear more you kind of get the sense of what they are about. The first cut called “Traveling” the band has a dirty rock kind of punk and rock all wound together and has something that I can’t place the finger on, yet.. As I listened the next track called “Don’t Bring Me Down” the band brings in a sound that has classic rock but with a strange twist. The rhythm section is all together and the song kind of reminded me of my fraternity days of college, where the band played as we partied on and on. The next song called “Hot Rod” the band continues with the sound of heaviness and with a twist of rebel rock. The next song called “Party You Give” is one of those songs that has speed and the musicality elevates you as you listen. “Lightning, Rain and Thunder” a solid song that brings in the element of classic rock and with a sound that ushers in the late sixties feel to it. With this song the band begins to evolve in what you are listening to. With the next song called “Any Kind Of Thrill” the band rebel rock flows through and once again you hear the psychedelic and almost acid feel to their music. As I strolled through the album the next track called “Moving North” brought in the horn section and the rhythm and the song has a catchy flavor to it and lends it’s good name to the name of the album “Party You Give” The next track called “Winter’s Coming” in a strange way kind of resembled early Grateful Dead, but the Craig Pavone leads the band and keeps up the party flare rolling through the arteries of the song assortment and continues to have that party feel to it. The band has a bluesy feel to it at times and the song “Got My Freedom” has a few hints of blues riffs woven into it, and as I listened I still heard some influences of late sixties psychedelic music scene and is quite interesting in a band of today. The band has sound that is fueled by heavy metal add in a little punk and acid rock of the 60’s music and you’ll find this band, The Fabrockators. the last song on this album is called “The Sin” continues to have that feel to it of dark but melodic rock of the past,  but remains consistent with the feel and body of the rest of the album. As I listened to the album a couple of times I realized that The Fabrockators are in a class of their own, they make music that is uniquely theirs and share a bit and hints of the psychedelic sixties music and is nice to have a band that doesn’t sound like everyone else. All in all the album has a good feel to it and one would have to be in a certain frame of mind to truly absorb their musicality. I feel that they have a sound that needs to be heard and to be honest have your other classic rock and Jimi Hendrix and magic mushrooms ready for the true experience. I thank all the band members of their contribution to the music scene and their entertaining and thought provoking and unique and original music.

Steven F. Adams

Promoter/Publicist Music Reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission



One truly hot album, the latest from singer songwriter and amazing talent Nicki Kris, called “Heartbeat” and what a most fitting name for an album. The album has a pulse to it, as I started to listen I realized the powerful vocal range of Nicki Kris from the start. With her debut album from 2013 “I Come Alive” and her follow up EP “Dream Big” Nicki Kris has a sound that brings in who she is with her release of “Heartbeat”. The album is strong from the start and keeps the “Heartbeat” alive all the way through. The first song called “Captain America” has a real pulse to it an Nicki emphasizes her vocal reach with a powerfully charged song and has added electronica to keep the songs amazing composure. With the next song called “Heartbeat” Nicki brings in the grind with her powerfully charged vocals and I can really feel the singer in Nicki Kris arrive with full force. “Can’t Let You Go” has a really great sound and I really like this song, & where it made me want to get up and dance and the song has a sound that really reflects who Nicki Kris is as a dance pop diva and as a true singer songwriter. “Light It Up” keeps the steady beat moving into the almost techno zone but once again I was able to hear Nicki and her amazing vocal range that brings your ears closer to the speakers. “I Am Who I Am” the song has a rock feel to it with the almost sensitive side to it, I might add I felt some emotional touches in Nicki’s vocals that added the element of vulnerability that is a good thing, and was nice to hear. With the next song arriving called “You’ve Got A Hold On Me” Nicki pours on her tremendous and articulate vocals that have a crispness to them and added to the musicality of the song makes a great music mix. “Defenseless” Nicki has a sound that is truly unique and adds her element of personal feelings to the song that rolls you through it. “Everything I Do I Do For You” is a great and superb example of Nicki Kris and her wonderful and soothing vocals that are captured within this song. The song keeps that “Heartbeat” moving in the upbeat direction. “Lost In LA” another song that I enjoyed, and Nicki on this song rolls us down memory lane with her and recounting them as the song sails through. “Falling To My Pieces” a slower ballad, if you will, where Nicki once again brings in her vulnerabilities throughout the song an in addition brings in her powerful and yet strong vocals and I also felt some pure emotion in the lyrics of this truly amazing song.  “Picture Yourself” is a true sense of who Nicki Kris really is and I feel sums up this album and reflects who Nicki Kris is as a singer and a songwriter and places her heart on the line with this song, another slow ballad, that supports the title of this wonderful album “Heartbeat”. “Stay” has a really great feel to it and Nicki reflects her awesome musicality on this one, and has a unique flavor of pop, dance and adult contemporary music throughout the entire song, and was nice to hear all the elements wrapped up within. “Call My Name” now this song really caught my ears attention, where Nicki really reflects her emotional level and the song has a true tender side to it and was heard in Nicki’s vocals that were raw and real and really truly reflects and allows you to hear her “Heartbeat” through the music and her sensitive side within her music. “Rise” Nicki brings in her powerful yet articulate vocals on this song and can really feel the vocals arriving from deep within Nicki as a truly awesome and powerful singer and a songwriter. All in all the album “Heartbeat” delivers and truly I felt the “Heartbeat” all the way through and really believe this reflects who Nicki Kris is and allows my pulse to be strong and keep the Heartbeat up and ready to be wow’d by a n amazing and truly reflective & honest singer songwriter Nicki Kris. I thank Nick for her tremendous gift o her friendship and her awesome gift of music and look forward to hearing more from her, knowing she is just a “Heartbeat” away.

Steven F. Adams

Promoter/Publicist Music Reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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Damn hot and full of flavor and plenty of ear candy. That’s what I heard when receiving my copy of the latest from jazz musician and amazing and superior talented Patrick Yandall. His out of this world latest project called “When It’s Hip” and from the get go, Patrick blows the covers right off the bed with the song called “When It’s Hip” and the sound is incredible and totally amazing and exciting. The whole song is wrapped in solid and superior crafted style, that I have come to know over the last five years.  I have been feeding my jazz fix with Patrick Yandall’s amazing and full of flavorful music. With this being said, the next song is equally upbeat and really jams the soul with a total fix of non stop electrifying and heart pounding real jazz. The next track called “B Boy”, Patrick and company feed your ears to an amazing and upbeat song that takes jazz to the next level. One thing I have noticed about Patrick Yandall he never disappoints, he brings in fresh vibes and the assortment that keeps the fire roaring. “Who’s That Lady” Patrick takes on the Isley Brothers with a major groove and keeps that pulse beating away, and does a fine job and allows the purest of talent into his world with this tremendous cover of the song. The next song called “Soul Instincts” Patrick shows off his tremendous power of the Latin influences in an almost Santana feel, but chimes in with full flavor & gusto to shake your groove thing all night long. “Makai” a slower song,  and brings down the tempo a little to cool you off and allow you to savor all the goodness that Patrick brings with every song that he lends his talented digits. Just as you begin to rest your earbuds Patrick begins another song with a full line up with flavorful and impactful horn section on the song called “the Groovefather” and quite honestly blows you away, the complete package brings out the electric guitarisms and the fullness of the horn section allow your ears to actually feel the burn, the song is amazing and rips through like a hot knife through cold butter. “At the Bijou” a slower ballad that has orchestration leading you into the open and full monty of Patrick’s sophisticated and intricate guitar works. The song keeps the tempo alive and got my head and foot taping and shaking to this amazing music. With this being said the next song called “Chill Factor” Patrick shows his very eclectic style and instantly recognizable guitar works, in which I term “smooth Jazz” and Patrick totally satisfies the taste for a solid jazz album. “Money” yes it is the cover of Pink Floyds song, however Patrick brings his guitar virtuoso playing to a new level that allows you to hear the intricate and superbly masterful digits at work on the fancy fret work. “Blues For JP” a song that really showcases Patrick and his smoothness and highly intricate picking work.  Plain & simple, the guy is amazing and I am and have been impressed throughout this amazing and packed with red hot flavor album. The song has that true marriage between blues and jazz that is soft to the touch. “Heartland” a song that starts off with a recognizable Hammond and goes full swing intro to has an earthy feel to it that I can’t put my finger on but never the less is a amazing part of Patrick’s ability to always satisfy your taste for masterful musicality. “Bring on The Funk” yet another quality of music that Patrick brings to you and has the horn section that is perfect and keeps up the tempo and lifts you through an amazing song that arrives with full of funk flavor to keep you hopin’ and bopin through each movement. The next song called “Lover’s Moon” Patrick shows off his picking skills and kicks royal butt and has the feel of a great acoustic set that moves in a new direction and has the feel of one on one which adds a nice feel to the album. “Star Prelude” Patrick brings in his full guns and allows your attention to be drawn into an electrifying approach, only to give way to the national anthem “Star Spangled Banner” and Patrick & company make it feel real emotionally involved and has that true anthem feel and give the song full flavor and respectability.. As a musician Patrick I salute you for your tremendous talent and superior and masterful works on the guitar and your amazing contribution to the jazz & music scene. I always look forward to writing your reviews of your amazing music, you never disappoint, you keep my ears wide open and wanting to hear your superior talent in action. I thank Patrick Yandall for his tremendous friendship over the years and always looking forward to what is next on the music menu for Patrick Yandall. With 20 albums to his credit and various awards and recognition I am forever a true fan and loyal supporter of Patrick’s music and always will be.

Steven f Adams

Promoter/Publicist Music reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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What an incredible and amazing singer songwriter & musician and a sound that is truly unreal. The album from Karen Tobin, originally from Pennsylvania, who made a her sound a household name in Nashville. The album is called “Before It’s Too Late”, and what a pure delight to hear Karen and her totally polished and refined music. Karen at the start has a kind of Carole King sound, but even more so a Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris and with a set of lyrics that have true meaning and are amazing. The album starts with a song that is already a “hit” it’s called “Homeless Heart” and Karen slides right in with her amazing and natural style of lyrical content and smoothly polished vocals. With this being said Karen and her next song called “Before It’s Too Late” is a simply amazing and intriguing song that has true singer songwriter threads woven within.

Karen Tobin has that immediate appeal to her style, she showcases this all the way through this beautiful and heartfelt music assortment. “Those Blue Eyes” another example of how great Karen’s vocals and her innate ability to write a song with such deepness and conviction. As I listened further to this miraculous and inspiring album the song called “Shadow on The Wall” Karen shows her musical talent and one can really feel the sound influence of Linda Ronstadt throughout, however Karen puts her own spin on it and makes the music alive that has the sound that is totally convincing. “Beautiful Day” Karen paints a vivid picture of the day through her amazing incredible way with words that emotionalize the song and bring in that dose of reality to an amazing comfort level. “Bed of Promises” has a bluesy feel to it & Karen brings you with her as her incredible vocal range stretches you along the path with her talent in the blues department and is unbelievable. “What I Used to Be” has a real Nashville feel to it and Karen continues to amaze me. This album gave my ears an earful & has a real classic or vintage sound that that brings you along for the ride. “Give Me Back My Heart” Karen slows the tempo down a little, to really feel and hear the Linda Ronstadt pulse in her vocals, despite this, Karen shows total vulnerability and honesty and I love it. “Honky Tonk Heart” brings in that bar sound that invites your ears to come in and have a seat or dance along with this danceable and catchy song. “Walk Through Fire” a truly amazing song, that projects Karen’s true talent  and one of my most loved on this amazing and totally polished album. “Burnin’ another song that has meaning and gets the foot stompin’ away with the guitar strums and the amazing rhythm that keep the tempo in check.. “Ring Around The Moon” the song that reflects who Karen Tobin is as a musician and a songwriter, the lyrics have true feeling and emotion contained inside them and Karen keeps the harmonies real and most enjoyable and inviting. “All That It Takes” has another foot stomping style and delivers a beat that keeps you wanting more and more. Karen is a truly amazing and talent to hear. I have got to get to see her in one of her many music venues to hear and feel the pulse of her music, it’s not the same just listening to the album track by track. There is  something about the “live” experience that one truly can feel. With this being said the next song called “Until We Meet Again” Karen allows the emotional feelings to surface with this amazing and truly heartfelt song that touched my heart to the core. As most of you know I am a true sucker for the love ballad and if you happen to look up the word ballad, you’ll find a link to Karen Tobin and this incredibly and touching song. The song actually brought goosebumps and a stream of tears from my eyes. “Those Lovin’ Arms” Karen showcases her talent and true vocals at it’s finest, the song has pickin’ going on and can hear the amazing and catchy and most flavorable vocals of a true musician, Karen Tobin. What an amazing find.  The wonderful and amazing and beautiful and emotionally packed and all around talented Karen Tobin and her album called “Before It’s Too Late” deserves to be in anyone’s music library and one who loves music that delivers on demand feeling & emotion. I thank Karen Tobin for her incredible friendship, and totally amazing music and look forwards and knowing she will be the one at the top of the charts “Before It’s Too Late”.