What a superb album, the album I am listening to is an album from a music artist named Randy Moore, and the name of the album is called Hwy 59, and what a great superb work of music art. The first song is called “Going Back to Texas, and Randy has a sound that is Nashville, and what a great song, the is polished and refined and Randy has a sound that has a pulse to it. The next song called “Things I Like” and Randy has an almost simplistic but honest areal lyrical content to his writing and is a most enjoyable song. Randy has a voce that is smooth and refined, where he sings effortlessly and just really appeals to my ears content. The chords that are on this particular song are superb and Randy and his songs just sings about stuff, stuff that matters to us, “Things I Like”, Randy has that sound that really oughta and needs to be heard. Randy and his music has a sound that has an almost Johnny Cash feel to it, where randy has the musicality that adds the element of realism, the song “Sunshine State of Mind” has that feel to it, that sings about the common person out there that works hard and dreams of that “Sunshine State Of Mind” and Randy really sings with complete honesty on all of his songs. With the next song called “When A Woman Gets The Blues” this my friends is a superb example of how music needs to be played and sung, Randy shows his sound and his total musicality on this one I felt that this is what is an amazing music artist should sound like,  it’s a song that has magical feel to it, and the song has the amazing sound and Randy shows off his pure talent with this one, and this is probably my favorite song on the album.  Randy throughout this wonderful and smoothly and refined album has the elements that are really and truly an honest feel to them, the music mix is just right and gentle on your ears and the musicality throughout is one to be unmatched and I loved it. Randy’s vocals blend in just right within the confines of Randy’s ability to write about life and things we all face. Randy is the real deal in music and song after song I was thoroughly impressed. I The piano and the softness of the song called “Paw” is superb and wonderful & I really felt some pureness and Randy just brings in a sound that is outstanding. The next song called “Roll Me Another One” and Randy with the use of the pedal guitar and the total package of fine musicianship throughout and outstanding and picture perfect lyrics this album is one that needs to be taken serious, I haven’t heard such a great album in a long while, this song has a Ronnie Milsap feel to it and Randy once again showcases his lyrical content and coupled with the music really has a rich flavor to it. “Santa Monica Pier” Wow, the song starts out with a splash and band and has an almost bluesy feel to it and Randy makes his sound come alive with this one, the ability to change it up with this song Randy struts his musicality on this one, where you can allow the music to take you on this journey and added with Randy’s tremendous vocals take the song to a level and is a really refined sound. Randy has a sound that I have not heard in my most recent memory that I really love, and Randy has a sound that the best way to describe is purely “Magical” The next song that is the first song I heard that appealed to my musical taste buds, it’s called “Refugee” and this song is a song to die for, Randy really hits it with this one, I now know what made me feel that magic when I first asked to write a review on Randys’ wonderful music, this song is the definition of magic and in a finely sharpened song and Randy is just out of this world with this one, this is my personal favorite on this exciting and wonderful album. “Broken’ is another song that Randy brings in his smooth elements of total musicality and lyrics that maintain that magical appeal. The song is real and evokes true and honest emotion and Randy brought my eyes to tears because of the emotional value that he brings to his amazing and magical music. This album is one that needs to be out there in the world in peoples hearts and playing in their ears. The last song on this superb and magic album is called “Highway 59 Revisited” and the song just simply to put into words, adds to the total package that Randy brings to the music scene. As I listened to this amazing and wonderful album Randy has a sound that is refined and polished and has a real pulse that comes alive throughout and consistently is a breath of fresh air. song by song Randy brings in the realism that he shares with Johnny Cash and other musical greats. I thank Randy for sharing his wonderful music with me, and his wonderful friendship and his amazing contribution to the music environment. I personally recommend this album for anyone who wishes to hear the real deal in music, and feel the magical presence that Randy Moore brought to my heart throughout this amazing journey through Hwy 59.

Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/Promoter Music Reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne Bakersfield California

c 2018 used by permission



As a long time fan and friend and learning that music superstar Sylvia, was releasing a new album I was to put into a tizzy of the purest delight. As I had the highest honors to write her album review for her 2016 album entitled “It’s All In The Family”. As I type this into the computer and share my thoughts of this wonderful album. The album is called “Second Bloom” the Hits Re-Imagined and it’s not only what I Re-Imagined it’s a amazing musical paradise down my memory lane. With this in mind the album starts out with the solid gold single from 1981 “Drifter” and the song was an excellent back then, well, my friends, you are in for an amazing re-imagined experience of your life, Sylvia just has that magical touch that she has added to her songs that is crisp & wonderful. The next song is a real classic song that has a Sylvia stamped on it, but this version has a mature and fresh approach to it and keeps it credibility throughout and is a super enjoyable and adds the freshness to it, like a new bloom on a fresh flower on the vine.

As I listened the next track is a song from 1980 called “Tumbleweed” once again Sylvia breathes new life into an already awesome and truly the name rings true ‘Second Bloom” and Sylvia’s magical and superior vocals take the cake on this song and with the added element of her talented vocal range really made my mind fall back to the past when I first heard these wonderful songs. Sylvia has a truly voice that expresses her love in all she sings about and the song selection on this wonderful & superbly produced and fine tuned by Sylvia’s ever present truly magical voice on every song. With this next song called “Fallin’ In Love” and Sylvia in true style brings this song a new ‘Set of clothes” to them, and is just outstanding. With the next song called ‘Sweet Yesterday” Sylvia, brings in her tender side and is a delicate song that touches the very soft spot of her total musicality and as I listened it felt like a touch of a rose pedal against my face, it was that tender and what a lovely song and a feeling that matched as the song played in my ears. “Like Nothing ever Happened” Sylvia brings in the song to a new level and was unreal . As I listened to this marvelous and glorious masterpiece of an album I began to feel the true pulse of the album that was ever so present throughout the album. As a music Reviewer and a music publicist I rarely actually feel those pulses arriving through the music, but with the song Snapshot” Sylvia has consistent ability to project this through her music. The best way to describe these pulses is the sheer artistry that is being projected through Sylvia’s magical & tender side and her magical & precious vocals. As the song played I could’ve sworn that I actually smelled the perfume that she describes on the song and just being in the zone and lost in the magical presence of Sylvia and her tremendous vocals placed me within the pure artistry of the song. “I Love you By Heart” another classic song that originally featured the late Michael Johnson but Sylvia brings in her magical side to the music, and a truly magical and ever present glowing feel to this song and although Michael’s vocal aren’t on this version, you can if you Re-Imagine. The final track on this miraculous and tender loving, the song is called “You Can’t Go Back Home” and is splendid and has a real rich and showcases Sylvia’s continual and her amazing ability to sing a song and allow you see the painted pictures that Sylvia is painting with her tremendous talented musical expressiveness.All these songs a fine example of Sylvia’a magical and pure loving ability to project all these songs down your own lifelong journey right down memory lane, one superb song after another, and Sylvia is just superb in all she does and am honored to call her a friend , and my hope that fans & friends and radio see it fit to have a “Second Bloom” and “Re-Imagine this beautiful and superbly produced by Sylvia and John Mock. This has one my heart over & over as the songs did the first time, and belongs in every music fans collection. I thank Sylvia for sharing her magical and loving music with her fans and her wonderful friendship and allowing me to have my own “Second Bloom” and reliving one great memory after another with the wonderful and beautiful incredible refined and polished to perfection music album called “Second Bloom, The Hits Re-Imagined.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer/Music Publicist Owner SoundWaveOne Bakersfield California

c 2018 used by permission

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As a music journalist I write all kinds of reviews and all music genres. With this being said I thought to myself I am a writer and that’s it, I must not put myself in that box, because it may just get taped shut and never hear from me again. I admit that I haven’t really listened to the radio for almost 15 years now, not to say that I don’t, however mainstream radio has sold, in my opinion themselves to constant either commercialism or only singers songwriters who the programmers enjoy themselves and sometimes even have what they call Pay to play and this doesn’t allow others that have true talent showcase their style. With this being my opinion I have resorted to listening to internet radio and this medium brings in elements of other musical artists to have a podium to display their real and true talents. As I speak of internet radio I most recently as of about a year ago, while surfing and scouring the internet for music stations that provide this service. My music reviews have been focused on just this, exploring & finding pure talent that never “hits” the airwaves of mainstream radio and bring and showcase their talents through a positive reviewing service that allows their talents to be awakened and brought to the forefront of peoples mind through various social media (ie) Facebook, and others. As I continued this quest for this music I ran across a radio program called The Debbie Scott Radio Network, as I listened she shared that very vision that I had. I made myself available to her and as I noticed her programming was really diverse and unique and that brought a beacon of hope that there actually was someone who shared this lifelong dream of mine. This is what I termed a “Yes’ moment in my life, as I continued to listen, and just then it popped into my head, why not after several emails, messages with Debbie Scott and comparing notes of was simply amazing that we shared so much common interest. I made the phone call to her and we actually spoke for almost 2 in a half hours discussing our dreams of this very subject. With this in mind before we hung up the phone it was discussed to have me on her show and discuss what I do as a music reviewer and what a most memorable experience of my life, Debbie is one of the most gracious hosts that I’d ever interviewed with and she even featured my favorite band, the Eagles in between the interview segments of her show. As this interview rolled out Debbie actually handed me the microphone and allowed me to if you will promote myself and what I do as a music reviewer and gave me the total encouragement to continue to do what I love doing & as a host Debbie allows you the guest on her show feel like the most important person in the universe. Debbie as the show was an hour long and as the show came to a close she gave me the opportunity to hang out in the chat room after the show and visit with fans of mine and others that had questions for me and I must say it was the most amazing show that I’d been on ever. it’s just a great reminder to myself that I share this with a tremendous person who cares as much as I do about the music that isn’t being heard and allowed me to have an open forum on this. Debbie Scott is a very well versed in music and has several shows on her network that prove this, she has been doing shows that focus on one year at a time and the music artists from that year and plays that music and it’s brings in a fresh approach to mainstream radio, simply put on Debbie’s programs you will hear songs that you won’t ever hear or even haven’t been heard since I played them myself on my own music player. I thank Debbie Scott for her tremendous gift of friendship and also her gift to us all by rewarding our ears with such a eclectic and diverse style of music that is great to hear. I really enjoyed my experience on her show and have expressed to Debbie that I would love to do it again, she has agreed and this is something I look forwards to, especially speaking with such a person who shares my dream and has the incredible knowledge and the perfect vehicle to do this all. Thank you Debbie for your eternal friendship and look forwards to my next visit on your show, and I am a true believer of my own slogan for SoundWaveOne, “Where Hearing Is Believing” and “All Music Matters” and I am personally happy knowing that Debbie Scott Shares my vision in the same way and looking forward to hearing her on the radio again.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist & Music Reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2018 used by permission

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As I sit here and think about my life and what a very proud moment to contemplate all that has been given to me and my life full of rewards, such as write music reviews for folks all around the world and all music genres. I have written for independent music artists, I have written for mainstream music artists and with this premise being the foundation of this review. I have had the incredible honor and true blessing to speak with a friend, her name is Gail Bluestone and is a tremendous person and someone who inspires me to do my best in all I do, which is write. A day or so ago she approached me to writing a review on a song called “Stand Up Proud’ from a musical theatre “Perfect Picture” which is inspired by the life and art of Norman Rockwell. As I spoke with this magnificent lady Gail, I learned so much about her and got a real pulse on what message we both shared so much. We both shared thoughts of what life should be and can be, and is a cherished memory in my life. We both thought and realized what it is to be an proud American and how many dreams we shared. With this and more her Sister Eileen Bluestone Sherman and herself have collaborated with each other. Most recently writing for the musical theatre and the song that is featured for this show is called “Stand Up Proud” which is very expressive of to what we face as a country to the relevance of what we face as a society today. It seems as if we are all being denied our freedoms one way or another, and this is what we the people have a constitution and a Bill of rights. The song is a very prolific and directed towards what we face as a country and where we need to truly “Stand Up Proud” we have this ability as a people, we just need to not allow these freedoms to be suppressed at any time. Many of the freedoms we enjoy is a real and nor should ever be stepped on or taken for granted we need to share this with our children and our grandchildren and the next generations to arrive this very thought and teach them and educate them in this. I always felt that listening to the older generation was a key to success and even survival to my personal future. They have taught me so much about the keys to moving on to the next level of my life’s journey. This song is one that needs to be heard, the song is amazing and I am honored as a writer to share this with all. We have so many situations in our life that we face as a country, and as people in our everyday lives that we must never forget our precious freedoms and how we must always be watchful and do everything we must to preserve these, weather it be religious, political, or personal we must think about our future as a country and what part we play in maintaining and keeping these in our lives forever. The song allows and allows you to recognize how much can happen if we don’t follow this and do all we can to protect these. As I often think to myself what a song that the late John Lennon spoke of in his music catalog called “Imagine” and asking us to “Give Peace A Chance” and how much we were asked Imagine. I really am honored to write this review of this wonderful song that not only educates us into how we all need to “Stand Up Proud” and is a real honor and a true blessing to know Miss Gail Bluestone and her wonderful friendship who I shared so many thoughts together and that we had one common ground that we shared, that is that what we want for ourselves and our family & the next generation to understand and recognize that it is truly is an act of love, and most importantly an act privilege and honor and a obligation to up hold these freedoms we cherish oh so much in our lives and must do anything to maintain them always. I think of the guys and gals of the “Greatest Generation” were called to duty and never blinked an eye, they stopped what they were doing and did what they had to do, again to protect these freedoms that have a heavy price on them. We do owe a forever debt, one that I can’t ever repay, but beautiful people much like Gail & her Sister keep this thought active and on my mind, and hopefully this show will appeal to all that are freedom lovers such as myself and I will do all in my power to educate and teach others this very premise for the rest of my life. I thank Gail for allowing me to be involved in her project and her tremendous friendship and always looking forwards to hearing her voice on the other end of my phone, and discussing our love of freedoms and what we must always do “Stand Up Proud” always. What an awesome song and a great point that we all need to listen, and truly understand it’s meaning and how we have the responsibility to always teach, promote and defend this with all we have.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist Music Reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne Bakersfield California

c 2018 used by permission


I just today received my copy of John Henrich album called “Chaunlateea and wow what a superb masterpiece of work from the front man of the Ronnie Milsap band. When you look up the name John Henrich, it’s cross referenced with “Pure Talent” I must say John has this and more and after listening to his album from 2003, and as I wrote in his previous review of his album “Elements’ John is within and well beyond elements and was quite frankly  Blown away as I listened to this miraculous piece of solid music. John is already a multi talented and multi faceted instrumentalist and with this project John is simply put amazing. The incredible sound of this album is an almost Jazzy but more fusion injected music that is alive and full of raw energy & kicks the speakers up a notch or two. The first song or cut on this album opens up with a phenomenal powerful lead of saxophone of John and his sound is out of this world and bold. The sound of this album is well produced and says a lot about the sheer music artistry that is on his whole album. “Just Because” is another sax based song and a love ballad that John and his band slow the tempo down and the song is so very expressive. I personally felt that throughout this wonderful and smooth sounding album. With the next song on this album called “Were In This Love Together” and the song is put together in a way that one doesn’t need vocals. John has brought some of the finest musicians together for this wonderful music project and it’s just unreal the sound that I was being emersed in. The next song called “I’m Not Sorry” John and band keep the jams flowing through your veins and blood and the utter smoothness of the sound is a really heartfelt emotion that flows through every song on this masterpiece of an album. The flow continues throughout as the next song plays which is called “God Bless The Child” and it’s rather difficult to put into words of my feelings as I listened, all I can say is how and where was I musically when this amazing album came out? Perhaps as an older person, I have more appreciation for this kind of sound, however I must have been lost in my world, and now hearing this album I am found, and found is what is this album is, it’s a treasure that I now seek in all my music findings. John is a American treasure to us all, when you hear his sax you’ll say and understand what I’m explaining to you. “Yes It Is” takes another direction of the sound but has a mystique sound to it but has a fast paced rhythm that adds the element of vocals intertwined in between the guitar and John’s ever present sax. “I just Know” howls with the flood of total musicality and redefines the sound of jazz on a Saturday night. This song is simply an true act of  pure jazz at it’s finest. The next track blew me out of my seat where this album is one superbly crafted as a piece of music that just holds no punches it just has it’s own way of being so damned expressive in many ways. the song is called “Loner’ and John & the band are outstanding and simply said a band that should and needs to be heard by anyone that likes music as much as I. “Heavenly Blues” is a song that is an almost swing big band sound that shares that sound with the horn section and is close to that sound & feel of the 40’s style of music but once again outstanding, with the keyboards and the rhythm section is superbly polished and will get you on your feet and ready to jump, jive & wail your way through it. “Get Up’ has the has a full spectrum sound within it and expresses the sheer power of Johns’ very expressive and full power behind the sax. “While We Were Young” the full monty comes into play with the full orchestration included in this where it has a full bold sound that really allows this song to come at you loud and clear, with the added vocals intertwined within the song keeps that true jazz feeling alive and maintaining your focus on the album. With the last song called “Lost Puppy” on this righteous album has a sound of almost Native American mixed with tribal beats and the flute adds that magical sound that really adds a full flavor and a bolt of energy to this amazing album. All in all this project of John Henrich called “Chaunlateea’ is a masterpiece beckoning you to listen. After listening to this I was actually emotionally so involved within the whole album that I placed it into the player and had a second relived experience with this wonderful & explosive album packed with full energy and was a most enjoyable experience and would highly recommend this to anyone seeking a higher level of music to your musical needs. I Thank John for first, being a true friend, second, for the opportunity to have met him and the superb musicians that surround him, and last allowing my ears to be exposed to the finest music around and allowing me to be in my elements of writing and while listening to such a fine group of musicians that are so very expressive and one experience that I have and will keep in my memory for a lifetime.

Steven F. Adams

Music Jounalist/Reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne Bakersfield California

c 2018 used by permission

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Every now and then and a music reviewer and music journalist you stumble across music that has slipped under the proverbial music radar. I have most recently had the pleasure of hearing Theresa Carmoney I initially heard her sing the song “Sweetest Taboo” by music artist Sade, which impressed my ears, and she really impressed me with this I began my quest to hear more from her. Theresa is incredible, one of the diamonds in the rough, however Theresa has her diamond polished to pure perfection with this promising and unreal song called “It Takes One To Know One” In this song Theresa showcases her incredible vocals and quite honestly Theresa is one to watch out for. I’ve been told I have a great ear for music, watch out, Theresa Carmoney is here and here to stay. If I have anything to say about her it won’t take two it’ll take one, the one the only the beautiful and finely crafted and smoothly polished gem that I define as purely beautiful and is headed to super stardom taking herself and her diamonds with her on her magical and remarkable music journey. I am truly honored and blessed to have Theresa as a true friend and allowing me and others along with Theresa beam her facets of better than gold music. Thank you Theresa for sharing your wonderful song that is a song that is pointed in the direction of success and has so much pure definition to it. Thank you Theresa for sharing this with myself and others so we may all share these and others on your musical journey, because I know your star will shine the brightest in the universe.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist/Reviewer Owner of Sound Wave One

c 2018 used by permission

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What pure talent who am I talking about its Mags, AKA Mags Mcarthy she has a fresh & magical sound. With her new single called “Strong Enough”Mags is one of those music artists that just are already there. The song is fresh and sparkles like magic and I would not be surprised in the least that she debuts on the charts on the top spot, with this song that has smooth & refreshing lyrics and her vocals are spot on” If one is into music as much as I am and you are wishing for real magical & a song that has that current catch then look no further than Mags. The song says it all “Strong Enough”

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