At this time of writing this review of the Smith Sisters and their brand new EP called “With Love” as I always do listen intensely to the whole album , let it soak in, then listen as many times as it takes to hear and gain my hearts composure and begin to formulate my words, and sometimes it takes a little while to do this. This is not the first Bluegrass album I’ve reviewed, nor the last I’m sure of that. The Ep of the Smith Sisters is a wonderful and cheery and full of positive vibes staring with the first track called “If you Love Me” and the Smith Sisters have a sound that is amazing and the song has a mix of Bluegrass and has a hint of country/ folk in it, and has the story line of country music, asking the question “If You Love Me”. The Sisters have an amazing sound, very unique and a true bluegrass pickin’ all the way through. The second song on this amazing and wonderful solid EP is called “Pennies On The Ground” a dreamy of sorts kind of song but takes flight with a message of positive and very uplifting to the soul. “I could quit you in a Minute” the harmonies of the Smith Sisters is one to be reckoned with, and the sound of real folk influence was heard throughout this song and others.The Sisters really have their act together on this album. I really enjoy their harmonic balance within each other on each song. The next track called “Face to Face” a delicate ballad of sorts that once again show who the Smith Sisters are as a act. They have totally unwavering harmonies, coupled with great music lyrics and this song has gained my hearts attention, and I love it. This is the kind of band that Is truly American and keeps positive vibes all throughout. The song really is amazing  and most enjoyable. “I Wanna Be a Star In Heaven” has the sounds of bluegrass, and coupled with the mandolin & fiddle and with the Smith Sisters vocals really has a sound that is truly finely polished gem of the bluegrass genre. “By His Grace” another song that rings in the element of positivity and a good message within the lyrics. as this song finished, I was anticipating more, however I realized it’s only a 6 song EP. The Smith Sisters have been nominated for several awards amongst their peers in the music industry and in my opinion well deserved and “bravo’. All in all this EP represents what is outstanding within the area of music, and I really enjoyed hearing this wonderful and heartwarming EP and I thank both Kelli Lewis & Wendy Kilman for their amazingly and beautiful music and their ability to assist my heart softening to their truly talented music & wonderful harmonies. I also thank Kelli & Wendy for the opportunity to hear such fine musical work & their amazing friendship. I eagerly look forward to hearing what’s next for them, a new album?, all I see is a bright future for them and their uplifting harmonies and superb music that carries a positive vibe with it wherever it may go.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer/Publicist/Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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Bud Summers Music, what can I say back in 2017, my review of Bud Summers, entitled, “Summer Journey” allowed me to know,  the guy has talent. Bud Summers has probably done more songs than anyone. He is a singer and a writer of song. His first album I reviewed called “Summer Solstice” back in 2017, was an incredible album and Bud showed off with his acoustic talents. Flash forward to 2019 Bud Summers releasing a new album packed with all the excitement that his last album had, but wait there’s more… The new album called “Hard Lessons” Bud gains a sound of the blues with the first song called “So Deep” and Bud shows he has a real feel for the blues and is a smooth sounding song. Along with the backup singers and all it makes to be a very likable song. Next on the album is a song called “Endless Fantasy” an Bud showcases his guitar work and has a real feel to blues and Buds vocals are seamlessly working through the song, His guitar work has always impressed me, and one really can hear them through this song. This song shares a hint of jazz strumming  throughout, however Bud gets the message out, because he has always had the abilities to convey his messages through his guitar, as alluded to in my previous review of his previous work “Summer Solstice”. “Bad Fish” strums in with the opening blues and Bud shows his vocal abilities from the start where has a raspy feel to it and has that raw feel to it that handshakes the blues very well. “Who’s Your Daddy has the same feel to it, and Bud has a maturity sound to this album that really ties his vocals and guitar work to the blues and this song is a good example of this. The next song is called “City of the Blues” and once again Bud nails it, love the song and the utter smoothness and Bud’s constant ability to bring you into his world, and in this case the “City of the Blues”. “Goodbye to Nashville” a song that seems so basic but really has complexity to it, and Buds voice is rough and grainy and sings about the Nashville” promise” of making your dreams come true. Bud has always had that ability to carry you with him through his music and this song is a fine example of this very thing. “End Times” Bud really nails this and I really felt the proverbial blues bullet hit me square in the gut with this song. Bud show his honesty and maturity as a guitar player and a true musician that has a message to convey, within his musical dexterity brings you though this song and he rest of this articulately crafted album. The next song is just the song that most request to be heard and Bud does an admirable job of the popular song of “Auld Lang Syne” The last song on this amazing album is called “Hard Lessons” Bud Summers brings in a feel of showmanship on this song in an almost Leon Russell approach and has a Tom Waits feel while Bud keeps his twist on the song and makes it a solid ballad that has a true story telling appeal that Bud arrives with. The song most enjoyable song and allows Bud to be vulnerable and hear his stage voice that I haven’t heard from Bud, but is really a great song and allows one to visit his vocals in a different light.  All in all this album is a solid album and Bud Summers gives his all to it and keeps the bluesy,  jazzy and full of amazing vocals throughout, and proves that Bud Summers has showcased his wonderful gift of total musicality and even has vocals to accompany these amazing qualities. The album I’d have to categorize to a blues, jazz, and above all sheer music artistry that Bud Summers clearly defines within his wonderful an amazing music catalog. Many thanks to Bud Summers for his friendship, and his musical contributions and I look forward to hearing more from Bud Summers, either on the radio or in person.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist/ Reviewer/Publicist Owner Sound Wave One

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As a person who knows of Bakersfield and the country music scene. With the “Bakersfield sound” arriving from country music legends like Buck Owens, Cousin Herb, Red Simpson and the humble man Mr. Merle Haggard, who all his life, Bakersfield his hometown and a very honored and proud of it. Speaking of Merle Haggard the new release from musician superstar Vince Gill. Arriving on the music scene in 1979 with the music group Pure Prarie League. After nearly 40 years in the music industry Vince Gill arrives back on the scene with a new release called “Okie”Growing up in Norman Oklahoma, Vince Gill learned the sounds that he enjoyed, such songs like Merle Haggards’ “Okie From Muskogee” where that sound cemented Vinces feel for that sound. Inspired from the Dust Bowl days, where most people left from Oklahoma & traveled West into parts of California, namely the San Joaquin Valley. Bakersfield was part of those that settled into California to make a new life for themselves. Being on the road and hearing of the passing of Merle Haggard, Gill went right for the pen full of inspiration. “Merle was his blueprint” and with this the inspiration for an album began. With his wife of nineteen years Amy is always a true believer and never judgmental in all his work. The first song on this amazing and soon to legendary is called “I don’t Want to ride the rails no more” an amazing song that has a feel of crispness to Gills’ vocals and the acoustic guitar is excellent. “The Price of Regret” Vince nails it with his amazing and heartfelt vocals stretch the limit and what true emotional value this song projects. With all this amazing songs arrives a song that provokes tears and chalked with major emotion, the song is called “Forever Changed” and Vince shows his true inflection within the intensive songwriting abilities and truly deemed to be a classic and solid gold single. “An Honest Man” Vince reflects who Vince is as a person and as an “Honest Man” and this song beams with sincerity. “What Choice Will You Make” about life and all of it’s choices and the outcome will be on “What Choices you Make”. “Black and White” Vince approaches the way we look at things in life, where sometimes we have to much and feel like all we need is to go back to basics, termed “Black and White”. The Red Words” is an amazing song that Vince seems to be singing about his amazing love for singer songwriter Amy Grant and above all his wife that keeps his happiness alive through her total support of what he does and for what she does. “When Amy Prays” is another superb and phenomenal and so articulate and a beautiful ballad which is dedicated to Amy and her unwavering allegiance to her faith, and where sometimes he has troubles with, but through her prayers keeps his own alliance with God straight. ” A Letter To My Mama” another inspired by the late Merle Haggard and is truly an marvelous way of making it feel as if he’s talking straight to his mother in a letter and I felt the passion and raw emotion that Vince projected within this wonderful song. “Nothing Like A Guy Clark Song” a amazing song with a tribute to Guy Clark and a very descriptive yet narrative of the life of singer Guy Clark. The next song called “That Old Man of Mine” picks up the tempo and Vince once again singing from his heart projects raw and emotional feelings within this song a song even brought tears to my eyes, feeling the emotion right along with Vince as he sang about “That Old Man Of Mine”. It’s truly amazing to know that with such talent that Vince brings to his music and allows the music to have a pulse of it’s own and take on a life through Vince’s tremendous vocal range and pure sensitivities with his outstanding harmonies. The last song on this amazing & wonderful and so emotionally pleading album is called “A World Without Haggard” and Vince truly reflects and allows you to reflect on how the world truly is without Haggard. Merle was a guy who sang about life, and how is was for him, Vince Gill through his gift of song does the same within the confines of this truly honorable and honest and heartwarming song and a wonderful tribute to the late Merle Haggard. Thank you Vince for your incredible gift of song and musicality for the last 40 years and thank you for this amazing album and labor of love and your incredible style that never stops amazing me. This album will always be cherished by me and is a true American Treasure. I am truly blessed to have your music in my heart and in my life with a voice that will remain forever.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer Publicist/ Owner Sound Wave One

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With so many hits and awards it’s no wonder the Band named Destiny Band Oz is always in the spotlight. They have made their sounds be known within my sphere of influence and they are awesome. If you haven’t heard of them They are husband and wife duo Thomas & Tessa Libreri from down under. With their most recent album called “Changes” the band is one that crosses all music boundries. With so many awards, namely,  National Country Band of the year 2018 Tasmanian Independent Music Awards, and Gold Medallion music award at Tamworth Country Music Festival 2019, they’re just simply amazing and a superb music compliment. The first song on the album “Changes” is called ” My Family and Me” between Thomas & Tessa they’ve got a sound that is superbly crafted and tuned in to a crazy good sound and I love this song. The next song on this marvelous album is called “Great Courage” and the sounds has a real folk sound that is smooth and Thomas has a voice that brings simplicity and with back up singers it really adds to the fullness and richness of their diverse sound. “Only Yesterday” Tessa shows off her vocals and wow!! what a vocal range Tessa brings her pitch to a perfect level and the song really has an emotional feel to it, coupled with Thomas and his guitar work adds to the total musicality to the duo & nail it. “Look Away” the sound is superb and polished to perfection and once again Tessa and her vocals just make the grade. “Changing Pictures” the song has substance and meaning and has a unique sound that only The Destiny Band Oz can fulfill. “Ray of Hope” has a sound of traditional country and adds the story lines to their amazing lyrics and masterful content, and is one that truly needs to be heard. “Suddenly” is a song that has a jazz sound to it but Tessa brings in an danceable feel to it that reminisced a kind of disco sound, but none the less a great sound that proves who Destiny Oz Band really is. Where they cross over all musical borders and arrive on top. “Hours in a Day” has a sound that has a deep bass end that resembles a surf sound within the music, and Tessa continues her story telling with amazing inflection and tone in her vocals that allow you to feel the song and it’s meaning. “Peace Of Mind” a song that made me really dig, or for lack of better words really got into it, the song has real feel for older country styling and Tessa and her amazing vocals make this happen. “Christmas Time” well, pretty self explanatory just another great Christmas song that kind of song about sharing the time together, blah blah, but is included on this amazing album and worth having this song for the upcoming holiday season. “Danny Boy” well, well, well Tessa really shows her stuff on this one and really shows polish and refinement and maintains the songs integrity and Tessa adds her sharpness of her vocals to it and continues to make the songs shine brightly. “All I Need Is You” another song that crosses over that line of music that not quite country, a flare of jazz, and shares hints of R&B and a medley of all styles of music and the lyrics really are quite good and bring feeling and emotion to them. The last song on this amazing and beautiful album is called “I’ll Be With You” and Thomas takes on the vocals and makes a great song coupled with back up singing from Tessa, the song is a really amazingly great love song, and most of you know I am a sucker for a love song and this stole my heart. Between the lyrics, and the superb vocals of Thomas and the delicate added back of Tessa the song is probably my favorite on the album. I am really impressed with this band and hope to hear more from them in the future, Thomas & Tessa Libreri are one to be watched and have a promise of all good things in their future, a band that crosses so many musical avenues and has that sound that makes them amazing and a real contender within the music industry. I Thank Thomas & Tessa for their gift of friendship and their gift of amazing and wonderful and emotional driven and heartfelt music.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer/ Publicist Owner Sound Wave One

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AFTER LISTENING TO THE EP OF MARLENE NOTTINGHAM AND HER COVER OF THE EVER FAMOUS LORETTA LYNN’S SONG CALLED “COAL MINERS DAUGHTER, MARLENE DOES AN ADMIRABLE JOB AND THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT MARELENE’S VOICE THAT RINGS TRADITIONAL. Marlene brings in her vocals that arrive with a sound that rings from the past and is quite good. Made me recall and travel back in time. The next song called “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” and Marlene adds her vocals from the past and you can really get a feel of who Marlene is as a singer and what I heard is a voice from the past. Marlene brings this in her vocals added with her musicality for the song itself. After speaking with Marlene she has her heart and expressed sincere feelings for this traditional kind of music that allows you to go back and recall where music had a story to tell. The last song on her EP is a Bobby Bare Song called “500 Miles Away From Home” and once again Marlene fits right in with her vocals that brought me back to those days of country where the beer is always cold and the twang and story telling was all we knew of. All in all the EP has a great sound  and Marlene Nottingham has a feel and has got the pulse on traditional sounding music and I am anxious to hear more of her in the future, where she will allow your ears to hear and experience that unforgettable sound of real country music, where my rests upon this style of country music. I thank Marlene Nottingham for sharing her talented vocals and allowing me to visit the past through her vocal arrangements, where this music lives and adds to the pulse to todays musicians across the vast musical spectrum.


Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/ Reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

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WOW!!!! I’m totally impressed, with the release of a powerfully charged and with something to say. I am speaking of the new album from country power house singer songwriter Todd Richard and his amazing and supercharged album called “Live your Life”. The album from start to finish is simply put Holy “Shit” this guy has it. The first song called “Live your Life” is simply unbelievable the song has guts and takes your ear drums by storm and never lets go. The song and Todd’s vocals resemble a Toby Keith of sorts, however Todd puts the “boom”& ” Kick ass” sound to it and the song has a very uplifting and positive energy that doesn’t quit.  This song really hit home for myself, where I came to a point in my own life, where I realized I’ve got to “Live My Life”  where I Took a few chances, ” Fell in Love, and even “Danced in the Rain”. Thank you Todd for the reinforcement of what I’ve always believed. The next song called “Still Got Hope” Todd continues to carry you along his journey and is chalked full of emotion and speaks of his experience with his own father being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and really makes the song come alive with his pointed and meaningful lyrics. Todd has a way of allowing you the listener to hear and feel his raw and powerful messages throughout this amazing and superb sounding album. “Take your Own Advice” is a anthem in itself, where Todd brings in his amazing goodness and really you can feel the supercharged elements of Todd and his superior way of singing a song, the song rings true to all of us that have been in a situation that we need to take “Our Own Advice” . The next song called “Halfway” continues Todd’s ability to make a song feel so real and carry a message that really means something, and Todd vocals are in true form. The musicianship on this album is outstanding and is fresh and current and was totally enjoyed by me and has hit after hit on the total album. “If You Leave Me Like This” continues the “kick ass” style of Todd and his vocals are rich and deep and are just right and fit within the lines of country music of today. Todd Richard is the guy who is ushering in a true country flavor that is being missed by others, and Todd and his album really have impressed me. “King Of Crown” Todd has the approach to the blue collar worker that enjoys a weekend just like the rest of us and his fast paced and up tempo singing get you up and really keeping you hooked and not letting go. “Stick On The Ice” another song that keeps that high velocity moving and Todd giving his advice through his memories of his own father giving advice to him and now giving that same advice to his own son, this song shows Todd and his true songwriting abilities and who Todd is as a total musician. “Champagne For Breakfast” yet another song that really showcases Todd and his storytelling through his true and steady and totally blowing away lyrics and the tempo just keeps on a playing and has you feeling like you are right there along with Todd and having a drink or two along with a “Champagne  For Breakfast”. All in all Todd Richard has that true sound that is real and his sound keeps alive throughout a truly amazing and wonderful music album that carries messages that we all can relate to, from start to finish. I thank Todd for his friendship and his true to life messages & his amazing gift of song and music. Also reinforcing my thoughts and  to “Live My Life”.

Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/ Reviewer Owner Sound  Wave One

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There’s an amazing thing about writing music album reviews, one of those amazing things is that I get to write whatever I want, simply because I write from the heart, and it sometimes takes a little time to do so. With this being said I came across a music artist named Lori Hardman, and her self titled album. After a spin or two or more I kept trying to find the verbiage to describe what style or musical category to place Lori in. I thought Jazz??, blues?? rock?? pop??, well Lori Hardman has them all inter woven within her wonderfully beautiful musical approach. The album starts off with a song called “Dangerous” and it has a feel of rock to it and Lori has a raspy kind of sound that kind of placed her into the Joan Jett and Melissa Etheridge sound. Lori and her music have a way of including all the genres together & make a sound that arrives in your ears in a contagious fashion. The song has a rough edgy but Lori and her vocals bring it into focus and you hear her talent shine through. “Night on the Town” a song that has the sound of jazz fabric woven in between the rock and roll that is totally different in which I haven’t heard before. Quite good I might add. The next cut on this truly eclectic and amazing album with true grit and bluesy flavor, is called “Two Way Street” and Lori really can’t be locked into one music category the song selections keep you guessing and second guessing all the way through. Lori brings an almost rock influenced sound to this song where I heard hints of early, Anne & Nancy Wilson of Heart fame. The next track called “Don’t Cross That Line” Lori brings in her sound of  Lita Ford, with a pop musicality to it, along with the guitars that sling a blues & rock feel to them. “Here We Go Again” a slower ballad that allows one to really feel the true pulse of Lori and her amazing vocals, that allow you to really feel the influences in her music, and this song is probably my favorite on the album. On this particular song Lori’s vocals reminded me of Nancy Wilson for sure, but Lori makes her own and brings in a sexual tone to it, and I love this song. “Night Flight” is another kick starting song that brings in Lori and her edgy and raspy vocals but is smooth sounding sound that shares a hint of reggae, and reminds you of who Lori is, a singer songwriter, and a truly amazing talent to hear. “River Of Blues” brings in the blues flavor with the harp and Lori raps her way through the jungle of truly down & dirty blues. Lori has tremendous vocal diversity and is truly remarkable throughout this flavorful and enjoyably great music album. “What is Love” is a gentle music that Lori brings her vocals to the sound of a truly outstanding vocalist that maintain her amazing resemblance of Nancy Wilson of Heart fame. The flavor that sits comfortably within her awesome lyrics and vocal style. The next song, called “Don’t Lose the Love”  has a real sweet flavor to it that shares blues, rock, and fusion but the blues shines through with Lori and her outstanding vocals that combined with the harp on this song that is one made in heaven. ” I Found an Angel” has Lori doing a country flavored song that surprised my ears only after hearing the rest of the album and my ears were bent in the rock & roll direction and in comes this song a slower paced with a flavor of country folk pickin’ and Lori continues to show her musical diversity with this one, and comes through. The last song on this amazing and superbly flavorful album a song called “Time is A Letter” a duet with Don Wilhelm a great duet that both Lori and Don bring in a song that really is written well and sung immaculate,  the song title is what really got me. After hearing it made me realize how much true talent Lori has and her vocals are ones you can always remember with her amazing style and true musical diversity that the music world needs more of. I thank Lori for allowing me to hear her amazing, and truthful and beautiful style of music and her friendship along the journey of life filled with purely honest and full of feeling music that has a way and Lori to lead you there.

Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/Reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

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