As I sat and marveled and listened attentively to the new album from musician artist, and painter Ron Brunk, who is and has a sound that is totally unmatched with anyone I’ve written reviews for in the last 10 years. With his newest project called “Zero Hour” Ron picks through his wild and sometimes dark & quite interesting bag of mixed music collection. With the first song called “Skyline Fades” Ron brings in his strange but eclectic style of music to the table right away. I Must say that as I listened to the album Ron has a real talent for the piano and his lyrics are strong & vivid as the day is long. With the next song “Could But I Won’t” Ron brings in his rapping abilities, well kind of, and definitely has the taste of angst or just telling you how he feels and is quite entertaining. “Heartbreaker Like You” Ron holds no bars on this one where the guitar work begins pounding and Ron has a keen ability to bring in his style all his own and there is something about his lyrics that is almost contagious. This album brings in his songwriting abilities and allows you to feel his pure passion for his craft and is one of those albums that you have to sit down & listen. Once again between the guitar riffs and his piano I almost can’t place into a particular genre, but he has some talent that his taste begins to grow on you as you listen to the album. “Heartland” is another catchy and flavorful song where Ron brings on his piano bar sound and is probably the most rhythmically directed song on this unique and different album. I do really enjoy Rons tremendous gift of the piano mixed with the guitar work and Ron weaves and fuses these two together to make a sound that is reminiscent of a musician that I saw a long while back, he had a sound all his own & that’s what Ron has on his musical plate to present to us all. With the next song arriving through my speakers called “You Make Me Crazy” Ron has an element of Rocky Horror, wildly awkward and has a lot going on within his music, and it’s kind of cool and unique to say the least. “Possession” is another song that definitely carries Ron’s ability to project his best foot forwards, but I actually was amazed and enjoyed the song. With all the songs on this album I really all in all has a distinctive flavor that only Ron brings., he has rock, Pop, and unique abilities to convey his songwriting at you, with the next song called “Shut Your Mouth” Ron begins with sound that adds his unique style on you and I would love to hear some of his older music to compare this album to. Ron throughout this album he plays with angst in a fun way, and I can tell that he really is having fun as he plays. If some people hear his music Ron could be mistaken for Punk, but NOT. Ron has that eclectic sound that no one shares which brings in his unique style all his own. I try to always find a song or two on an album that I listen to say is my favorite and I actually like the song called “Drinker and Bar” and Ron allows you to hear his pure talent on this song with the added violin & viola from Renae Truex, adds to his sound and I must say that this song is one of my favorites on this album, it’s a believable track & has stirring movements throughout and Ron showcases his writing abilities and also his vocals and really sounded good. With the last song on this unique & powerfully chargedand may be seen through a little foggy conditions, meaning not sure what style Ron is but is has a sound that I enjoyed. The song called “Zero Hour” with the sax provided by Jim Hoke, it starts to become alive and with the sax music just adds that believing sound and adds the element of realism. This song could almost be termed as blues because I felt this would be my second choice of favorite songs on the album. As I sum up my feelings on this album I think Ron Brunk has a sound that is unique and on some songs are really good and want to hear more from Ron in the future. Many thanks to Ron for allowing me to review and be allowed to hear his signature sound. I would be willing to see Ron in a live setting to thoroughly enjoy his music because sometimes the audio just doesn’t serve justice like being at  a live show.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist Music Reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne

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There have been many music artists that have that dance floor sound and one of the music artists that I’ve recently discovered is a lady named Kim Cameron and side Fx and the album is called “No Regrets. with this album Kim has an eclectic beat that is reminiscent of dance floor pop slash techno pop and mixed with a little Euro pop. With the first track called “Drive Kim and side Fx  bring in the mix of dance floor sounds in and it really gets your booty movin’ with the consistent beat. The next song brings in that sound again and Kims vocals keep up with the rhythm and matches just right. As I listened I heard more of a dance floor Madonna in style but Kim brings in her elements that really makes me want to get up and dance your heart away into the night. Kim has a flavor and all her music has a sound that in my opinion Kim is an excited dance floor diva and really makes the earth shake with her tremendous dance mixing going on throughout the album. With the song called “Rolling Stone”Kim has a beat that makes the grade and was really enjoyable as I listened on and on. “Play it Again’ Kim maintains a sound that is right on and catchy and flavorful and not noisy just lots of beats per minute throughout.  The album plays on and on in my mind where I didn’t need to have a disc jockey shuffling my music cause song after song they blend in just right and is very appealing . “blind Love is that song that is consistent with the flavorful dance floor sound that really kept that beat moving and a groovin’. The next track called ‘forever” Kim and Side Fx really bring the definition of dance tracks to a maximum and is really great. “next To You” is yet another reason to keep the album playing cause this album is non stop music back to back and Kim’s vocals just add that appeal that is smooth and polished and fit like a glove within the music mix. as I listened to this album the next track called “Carnival of Baggage ” Kim and Side Fx slows down the tempo a little to get sultry but remains a contending song on the album chalked with hit after hit. The song “Never” Kim and Side Fx keep that smooth sailing feel and pulse that rocks you to the core with that consistent beat. With the rest of the album Kim and Side Fx remix all the songs and brings in the tempo to it’s ultimate and really made my feeling of the album a good one and Kim has got a sound that is matched with the mix. I really enjoyed it and I have not been on a dance floor in almost 20 years but with this wonderful dance euro pop dance floor mix by Kim Cameron & Side Fx made me wish there was a dance floor to go out and strut and bounce to the grooves on this superbly produced and mixed album. I thank Kim for her allowing me to be exposed to her wonderful musical talents & look forward to hearing more from her and perhaps maybe I’ll be on the dance floor and be able to shake & groove to her incredible dance floor mix.

Steven F . Adams

Journalist Writer music reviewer  owner SoundWaveOne

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As I sit here and have the real pleasure of listening to the deal. The latest from Lightnin’ Willie called “No Black, No white Just Blues. the album starts off with a bang a song called “Can’t Get That Stuff and what an amazing song where Willie just hands you the spoon of blues and feeds it to ya the way that blues should be fed. With the next song called “Eyes In the Back of my Head” Willie struts his talents once again and really brings a real blues feel and personal touch to his wonderful guitar work. Hearing the next song called “Locked in a Prison(Sound Of Her Shoes” is a real song that Willie & the Boys really out due themselves and remains to be a song that really defines blues songs. In my opinion blues music is formed from life experience and where one writes from his or her lifetime. Willie and the Boys continue to roll their blues dice with the next song called “Sad ‘N’ Blue and Willie knocks it out of the park, the guitar work and and the band just has the rhythm and the right amount of mix that allow the whole enchilada be heard throughout.With the next song playing called “Note On My door Lightnin Willie shows off for the Microphone and allows you to really hear that vibe and real taste of true blues in action. “Heartache” is the next song on this superb blues album & Lightnin’ Willie really makes ground breaking music with this song this is one of my favorite songs on the album and Lightnin’ Willie brings in that full full flavor taste of keeps your appetite ready for more. “Fuss and Fight ” the next track on this superbly refined and smoothy exceptional album. As I write this review I honestly would love to see this band live they have a sound that make you feel like a needs to be heard live show and having a beverage or two and sitting back and enjoy the awesome sound of Lightnin” Willie & the boys. “The next song called “Phone Stopped=Ringing Lightning Willie really proves who he is as a true blues guy and I was totally impressed and really want to hear more. with the next track “Thinking of you brings in the flavor of smooth blues and Lightnin’ Willie seems to have this element mastered . The next to last song on this miraculous  smooth feeling album Willie and the Boys bring in the element of smooth low groovin sound and Lightnin’ Willie and his guitar works are really pronounced throughout. with the song called “Shake My Snake” Willie brings in the element o an amost ZZ Topish and rips through like a knife through hot butter and really got Jamming. I’d like to say thank you to Willie and the boys for their awesome contribution to the blues and really struttin their stuff, so to speak, and can’t wait til I have the time to be at their next show.

Steven F. Adams

Owner Music Journalist SoundWaveOne

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Blown away….that is all I need to say when listening to the album by Tamanie Dove and Daniel. The album called “GenreBellion” and Tamanie really reaches out and shows her incredible talent once again. On the song called “Touch the Sky” Tamanie Really, Really shows effortless ability to bring you into the music. The next track called “Crazy Is” is a phenomenally produced and a real bluesy song that grabs you and involves your whole musical listening abilities and has that incredible sound that is deemed to be a classic. I have been writing reviews for quite a while now and hearing this album just lets me know why I keep writing reviews for musicians. Tamanie continues her tremendous vocal ability on the song”Sounds of Chance” between the awesomeness of the band and Daniels production value, adds that much more. “Kisses from a Butterfly” Tamanie just nails that song and makes it feel real and constantly believable throughout. The next song “Best Friend” really spoke to me since, Tamanie once again projecting that personal side of her singing ability that reels you into her world and includes you with her. I feel throughout this superb album Tamanie showcases her ability to change it upon every song and adds to the  appeal of this awesome album. “Do Good” is just another song that spoke to me as a person, cause this is what I strive for, “Do Good In All I Do”. On The next song called “jealousy” brings in a kind of new sound to her style  but once again, Tamanie makes the song shine in her style, allowing you.. to be part of her music. When Tamanie brings you into her music she adds that realism that made me a firm fan of hers. Song after song on this album the music just blends well and honestly I wanted to keep it in the jukebox with the repeat cycle on forever. I am constantly musically aroused from the ability that Tamanie has and shows and even reflects her awesome and superb sounding music and lyrics. For example the song “Teetering”, Tamanie once again blows you out of the water, a bluesy feel and just a great song that puts you in the mood for more. the last song on this polished and buffed out album is called “Back When” where Tamanie brought me into her music and I have always felt throughout this album. Thank you Tamanie for your beautiful support of my craft..writing. I am always happy to hear when Tamanie has a “new” project, because I will never be disappointed. All in all if you have not heard or know Tamanie Dove, this is one artist that is going places and this is an artist that who is going places and has that “superstar” appeal and always will.

Steven F. Adams

Owner Music Reviewer/ SoundWaveOne

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Simply put I was amazed how much real talent is out there. My latest listen is to an independent album called “Vintage Love”  from an extremely talented young lady, named Rehya Stevens. After hearing just a few songs, it’s apparent that Stevens has a wealth of heavy influences in her bones. With poigniant lyrics set to pop-soul music I found myself mesmerized into her realm. Stevens engagingly reaches out and stirs you with her incredible voice and soulful tracks. Upon reading her story , (Rehya) has an impressive list of credits and noteworthy collaborations to her name., but my impression is that her success has come through a passionate pursuit of truth, and art-and has not easily won. even still, Rehya, brings effortless ease , and sexiness to her music in a classy way. She sings about life and relatable experiences that take the listener (inclusively) along with her. While bringing many songs to the dance floor, she never abandons intimate emotion. Case in point; on the throbbing  4 on the floor “All Because of You”, Stevens seems to pay respect to angels along her chosen path, and does so through the power of tremendous vocal inflection-moving you as if you were living her story. Another intimate song on this masterpiece of an album is “A Little Bit of Rain”which features Stevens melodic piano weaving elegantly through subtle guitars- providing the perfect flavor to this supreme love song. In Short each song on this tremendous is worth the investment of time. Unfailingly, Stevens Shares her perspective  with clear, perceptive vision. Vintage Love took me through a cathartic journey of emotion and experience both past and present. Thank you Rehya for sharing your “Vintage Love” with me.
I am happy to be along with her on her musical journey. Vintage Love has taken a seat in my heart.

Steven F. Adams

Owner/Music Reviewer/SoundWaveOne

c 2016 used by permission


After hearing and listening to the latest album from Tamanie called “Welcome Home” and reading her bio, I thought to myself, now here is some real talent. This wonderful album is full of music that is flavorful and yet colorfully mastered and really has the abilities to convey the message I got from listening to it. The message I heard on the song “Welcome Home” has really given me  is, Tamanie through her lyrical content and singing has taken me around town and allowing me to musically see her place of growing up. The album is a really superb example of Tamanies continual ability throughout the album to really express herself as a contender in the music scene with her tremendous writing talent. At times I kept my feet tapping to the rhythm of each song as I listened. Tamanie really has a good sense when delivering her music to your musical pallet. All songs on the album take on a groove that allows you to really get into and visually see her on stage. Throughout the album I heard great country music along with the blues and one heck of a band backing her up. The band has a certain style that adds to the consistent flare of Tamanies voice. One of those songs that caught my ear is a song called”Open Road”, where Tamanie just projects her way of telling you about the lifestyle of where she is at. On this splendid album Tamanie really has the ability to convey to the person who is listening to the album that “Hometown” feeling and while listening to the album I really felt as if if I were being painted that picture musically what Tamanies world is all about. Another great reason I really enjoyed this album was for the song called “People Talk” and this really showcases Tamanies vocal range and ability to go hand in hand on all the songs. Throughout my listening experience on this album, I could envision Tamanie on the radio, all the songs on this beautifully produced album were exceptional. Especially the on song  that took my heart “Welcome Home” I love that, just a great song feeling I got when hearing it, and in fact to be honest I kept it on the repeat cycle for a couple of times. Only because of the feeling  it brought me while listening to it. I want to take the time to thank Tamanie  for allowing me to be on her musical journey and with her sound, she is well on her way.

Steven F. Adams

Owner/Writer SoundWaveOne

c 2016  used by permission

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