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WOW!!!! I’m totally impressed, with the release of a powerfully charged and with something to say. I am speaking of the new album from country power house singer songwriter Todd Richard and his amazing and supercharged album called “Live your Life”. The album from start to finish is simply put Holy “Shit” this guy has it. The first song called “Live your Life” is simply unbelievable the song has guts and takes your ear drums by storm and never lets go. The song and Todd’s vocals resemble a Toby Keith of sorts, however Todd puts the “boom”& ” Kick ass” sound to it and the song has a very uplifting and positive energy that doesn’t quit.  This song really hit home for myself, where I came to a point in my own life, where I realized I’ve got to “Live My Life”  where I Took a few chances, ” Fell in Love, and even “Danced in the Rain”. Thank you Todd for the reinforcement of what I’ve always believed. The next song called “Still Got Hope” Todd continues to carry you along his journey and is chalked full of emotion and speaks of his experience with his own father being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and really makes the song come alive with his pointed and meaningful lyrics. Todd has a way of allowing you the listener to hear and feel his raw and powerful messages throughout this amazing and superb sounding album. “Take your Own Advice” is a anthem in itself, where Todd brings in his amazing goodness and really you can feel the supercharged elements of Todd and his superior way of singing a song, the song rings true to all of us that have been in a situation that we need to take “Our Own Advice” . The next song called “Halfway” continues Todd’s ability to make a song feel so real and carry a message that really means something, and Todd vocals are in true form. The musicianship on this album is outstanding and is fresh and current and was totally enjoyed by me and has hit after hit on the total album. “If You Leave Me Like This” continues the “kick ass” style of Todd and his vocals are rich and deep and are just right and fit within the lines of country music of today. Todd Richard is the guy who is ushering in a true country flavor that is being missed by others, and Todd and his album really have impressed me. “King Of Crown” Todd has the approach to the blue collar worker that enjoys a weekend just like the rest of us and his fast paced and up tempo singing get you up and really keeping you hooked and not letting go. “Stick On The Ice” another song that keeps that high velocity moving and Todd giving his advice through his memories of his own father giving advice to him and now giving that same advice to his own son, this song shows Todd and his true songwriting abilities and who Todd is as a total musician. “Champagne For Breakfast” yet another song that really showcases Todd and his storytelling through his true and steady and totally blowing away lyrics and the tempo just keeps on a playing and has you feeling like you are right there along with Todd and having a drink or two along with a “Champagne  For Breakfast”. All in all Todd Richard has that true sound that is real and his sound keeps alive throughout a truly amazing and wonderful music album that carries messages that we all can relate to, from start to finish. I thank Todd for his friendship and his true to life messages & his amazing gift of song and music. Also reinforcing my thoughts and  to “Live My Life”.

Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/ Reviewer Owner Sound  Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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There’s an amazing thing about writing music album reviews, one of those amazing things is that I get to write whatever I want, simply because I write from the heart, and it sometimes takes a little time to do so. With this being said I came across a music artist named Lori Hardman, and her self titled album. After a spin or two or more I kept trying to find the verbiage to describe what style or musical category to place Lori in. I thought Jazz??, blues?? rock?? pop??, well Lori Hardman has them all inter woven within her wonderfully beautiful musical approach. The album starts off with a song called “Dangerous” and it has a feel of rock to it and Lori has a raspy kind of sound that kind of placed her into the Joan Jett and Melissa Etheridge sound. Lori and her music have a way of including all the genres together & make a sound that arrives in your ears in a contagious fashion. The song has a rough edgy but Lori and her vocals bring it into focus and you hear her talent shine through. “Night on the Town” a song that has the sound of jazz fabric woven in between the rock and roll that is totally different in which I haven’t heard before. Quite good I might add. The next cut on this truly eclectic and amazing album with true grit and bluesy flavor, is called “Two Way Street” and Lori really can’t be locked into one music category the song selections keep you guessing and second guessing all the way through. Lori brings an almost rock influenced sound to this song where I heard hints of early, Anne & Nancy Wilson of Heart fame. The next track called “Don’t Cross That Line” Lori brings in her sound of  Lita Ford, with a pop musicality to it, along with the guitars that sling a blues & rock feel to them. “Here We Go Again” a slower ballad that allows one to really feel the true pulse of Lori and her amazing vocals, that allow you to really feel the influences in her music, and this song is probably my favorite on the album. On this particular song Lori’s vocals reminded me of Nancy Wilson for sure, but Lori makes her own and brings in a sexual tone to it, and I love this song. “Night Flight” is another kick starting song that brings in Lori and her edgy and raspy vocals but is smooth sounding sound that shares a hint of reggae, and reminds you of who Lori is, a singer songwriter, and a truly amazing talent to hear. “River Of Blues” brings in the blues flavor with the harp and Lori raps her way through the jungle of truly down & dirty blues. Lori has tremendous vocal diversity and is truly remarkable throughout this flavorful and enjoyably great music album. “What is Love” is a gentle music that Lori brings her vocals to the sound of a truly outstanding vocalist that maintain her amazing resemblance of Nancy Wilson of Heart fame. The flavor that sits comfortably within her awesome lyrics and vocal style. The next song, called “Don’t Lose the Love”  has a real sweet flavor to it that shares blues, rock, and fusion but the blues shines through with Lori and her outstanding vocals that combined with the harp on this song that is one made in heaven. ” I Found an Angel” has Lori doing a country flavored song that surprised my ears only after hearing the rest of the album and my ears were bent in the rock & roll direction and in comes this song a slower paced with a flavor of country folk pickin’ and Lori continues to show her musical diversity with this one, and comes through. The last song on this amazing and superbly flavorful album a song called “Time is A Letter” a duet with Don Wilhelm a great duet that both Lori and Don bring in a song that really is written well and sung immaculate,  the song title is what really got me. After hearing it made me realize how much true talent Lori has and her vocals are ones you can always remember with her amazing style and true musical diversity that the music world needs more of. I thank Lori for allowing me to hear her amazing, and truthful and beautiful style of music and her friendship along the journey of life filled with purely honest and full of feeling music that has a way and Lori to lead you there.

Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/Reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

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As a music reviewer I am always approached and asked to review or listen to this or listen to that. The same verbiage again & again. However every now & then I come across a musician that stands out in the crowded field of music. As I gave my undivided attention to the music artist & independent music artist,  nominated by the ( ISSA) International Singer Songwriters Association for several categories.  The artist known as Mariel Morgan. Mariel takes twists and turns through her style and seem to have a very versatile style all her own. The album has a lot of eclectic sounds ranging from dance to pop to adult contemporary and has a lot of musical potpourri included. The first track is called “Everything” has a sound of dance, techno, but has a drama felt lyric and Mariel and vocals bring this feel to this song. The next song called “Dear Anna” Mariel has an almost real folk rock sound and the acoustic guitar keeps that true folk in an almost Joan Baez styling and made my music memory reach back to the 60’s folk scene. “Blind is another rhythmically enhanced dance pop and has hints of flamenco and Mariel brings in her sound that tells her story through what I call true musicality through her pointed and directive lyrics. “Cover Me” is an amazing song that Mariel shows her tender side of her tremendous and detail oriented vocals that reach out and grab you, the song felt like a lightly touching of a feather against your skin. With the next song starting out it has the theme feel, where I heard a little flamenco and where Mariel continues to bring her eclectic style that has it’s own sound, not quite accapella the music has a fusion of pop and techno and has a true flare & rhythm of it’s own.”:Am I Crazy” Mariel has a sound that is catchy and fresh that is written with a honest and open heart, where Mariel  really has an ability to tell her story and hold a conversation with you through her detailed and very expressive lyrics. “I Love You” is yet another sound that brings in Mariel & her folk sound that kept me entertained throughout. Mariel has a true gift for the acoustic guitar and the song structure is solid and loved it. On this particular song I fell in love with her vocals and the song is what I feel is what Mariel is all about, a folk singer with a true message and of moral value and thoughts we all share. The song has a great sound and Mariel sustains her sound of folk and good harmonies throughout this song. Keeping my ears perked. in her direction throughout. “Freefall” Mariel once again visits her consistent ability to verbalize her feelings within a song. Throughout this amazing album I heard a folk singer I heard pop, and above all of this I heard a songwriter that shows pure honesty within her pointed and vocals.These took me back to a time in music history where music told a story about life and life’s unforgettable moments through the music artists eyes and carefully plotted manuscript. Mariel has that in her lyrics, and in her gift of song , her voice is a fresh approach that fits within the confines of our very existence. The last song called “Another Story” is amazing and honest that carries true emotional value. Mariel presents these all to us through her talented vocal range & her talented acoustic ability on the guitar that goes hand in hand with her amazing lyrics that we all can relate to in our own lives. I thank Mariel for being who she is. As a musician and a true friend who has heart. I am anxious to hear more from this amazing singer songwriter who has a message woven within her beautiful & thoughtful lyrics and vocals that carry messages throughout.


Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/Music Reviewer/ Owner Sound Wave One

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Every now and then I get the real chance to hear an amazing and touching music album to review. Quite honestly I did not know who I connected with when I received some nice compliments of my music reviews from Kat Vinson & Reggie Vinson. As I started speaking with Kat I learned more and more of who Reggie Vinson is. He is an incredible musician and played on several hundred music records and many of my favorite music legends, namely John Lennon and others. Reggie has many connections within the industry, he has worked with Alice Cooper, and one of my all time favorites the late Roy Orbison, so this is a true honor and a blessing to write this review on Reggie Vinson & his latest album called “Still Got A Song In Me”
The first track is called “Still got A Song In Me” and Reggie sounds truly amazing and the song brings me back to the days where music really has a true message within the lyrics and the musicality of the song and Reggie sounds really good and does a awesome job to keep that memory alive with this song. The next song on this beautiful and amazing album is called “Looking For Love” and is in my opinion straight out of the pages of the late Roy Orbison catalog,  I can really feel the “Roy” influence on this song and I love this song, in fact I find myself in repeat mode a lot for this song. “Chasing Cars” is a tremendously intricate and detail oriented song that Reggie is in tune with his amazing guitar and vocals. The next song called “American Rockers” has a real Rock ‘n’ Roll feel to it. Reggie keeps that rock anthemish sound going through it and has an real edgy feel to it.  The next track called “I Remember Marilyn” a real honest tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe, and Reggie really has true inflections and total honesty on this song.  The music is just outstanding, not just on this song, the whole album is a superbly crafted masterpiece and Reggie is at his finest. I heard all influences throughout the album and this album is deemed to be a classic and in my opinion will remain in the music history books for a very long time. “I Feel A Chill” the next song that is truly a beautiful song that is a true to life love ballad and Reggies vocals are so sincere and amazing and felt to the heart. The next song called “Stolen Years” has that classic eternal sound of Roy Orbison. Reggie has a way of while singing all these songs grab you and keep your ears and heart wanting more. His songs have a real pulse to them that breathes throughout them and can feel it. “We’ve Done It All” another love song with a picked up tempo that tells the story of togetherness. As I listened it seems the theme throughout this truly outstanding album that Reggie has painted a true picture with his beautiful lyrics and vocals of his amazing life and has true musical thoughfulness that one can feel throughout the album. “Tennessee Tears” is yet another going down memory lane with Reggie, recollecting thoughts and times of past, but the song is catchy and flavorful and kind of reminds me of  my own life, it’s amazing that we can relate to songs and Reggie hit the right button with this song for me. “Look What You Have Done” a amazing sound that really showcases Reggies true ability to make a song sound and feel so real. As I listened to this masterpiece of an album I stumbled across the song called “”The Beauty” and this song I can really relate to, since I have met the woman of my dreams and Reggie really sums up my true feelings about her in on this song. Often playing this as one of my most treasured songs to my significant other, I have this as one of “our songs” that we play for each other. Reggie with this has really cemented my relationship with the woman in my life with his careful, thoughtful and so very expressive vocals and loved  lyrics on this song, thank you Reggie, awesome. The last song on this truly wonderful, beautiful, expressive, and music masterpiece has a real feel of the rockabilly and Reggie once again showcases his true talent and inspiration he’s received all the way through his amazing musical career with the many talented and legendary musicians he’s worked with in his amazing music career. After hearing this album, it has led me to re discover more about Reggie and his illustrious career, and this guys the real deal, the real McCoy and a truly gifted and loved by me. I can’t thank Kat & Reggie Vinson enough for their true friendship and truly supportive and acts of kindness to me as a music publicist & reviewer and for their major contributions to the music industry and I am a true and loyal fan of the amazing “Rockin’ Reggie Vinson for life.

Steven F. Adams

Music Publicist/Reviewer Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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The amazing and red hot new album release from singer songwriter and extreme guitarist Pebo Wilson and his album called “Playing With Fire” is red hot and on fire. The first track is called “Barn Burns Down” and the song has a great sounding rhythm section to die for. Pebo and his amazing guitar riffs rip and shred their way through the song. The next song is a sort of ballad love song it’s called “Devil Has To Win” and the song has substance and I really enjoy the song. It has a smoothness to it, and the sax keep the music alive and adds a saxual element. Pebo’s got a sound that allows your ears to be entertained throughout this amazing and superbly crafted music album. Pebo has a way to keep the harmonies flowing and this song is a fine example of. “She Thinks She Knows Me” another great written and sung song that allows one to really hear Pebo’s vocals and his voiceis one to be reckoned with. Pebo’s music isn’t quite country it’s more southern rock with a nice edge of rock & roll and has a real solid feel to it. I guess the way I describe it. Pebo’s songs on this superb and polished album have grip to them, where as they stick with you and have true musical texture. The next song called “I Drink Alone” is already a hit in my opinion, it has all the elements and more an Pebo really showcases his ability to have a solid rock and roll song and at the same time keep it slow. What a superb and smooth sounding song that has that sound that has true credibility to it and Pebo has an almost Kid rock feel to it, and adds his flavor that is all his own and radio needs to be hearing this song. There is a rough edgy feel to Pebo and his style of music, where I can’t place a particular genre on it, but shares hints of southern rock and country and is tremendously entertaining. The next song called “I Want To Go To Heaven” has a simple sound that really has a simple feel to it and Pebo strums along with it and has a message in all of his lyrics, in which they all have true life inflection injected into them, and makes a song come alive. Pebo definitely has that in all he writes and throughout this wonderful and finely crafted album. “Playing With Fire” Pebo has an almost Crazy Horse guitar that adds in a hint and small element of Native beat. As the guitars rip and start  showcasing and  shredding to the total musicality of Pebo Wilson. With that being said the next song called “Different Worlds” Pebo brings in the totally identifiable sound of Native American within the intro of the song, and has amazing rhythm to it and the eclectic feel to it and Pebo brings in his talented fingers for some amazing and fancy fret work and has real entertainment value to it. The album title of “Playing With Fire” adds heat to every song on this amazing and intense music album. I really was entertained with the song called “Choctaw Woman” where Pebo  makes the strings of guitar twist and turn in a direction that has a phenomenal sound and was most enjoyable to the ears. “Right Through It All” another song that has a hint of good old country southern rock to it. Pebo Wilson consistently has this throughout this red hot and on fire album. The song and Pebo and his vocals are a match made in heaven and this is one of those albums that remain in heavy rotation and always will. Pebo Wilson has a simplistic, yet has a real feel to his wonderful musical catalog and this album has cemented this with me. “Burn” the final song on this album is another example of how Pebo uses that bending of the chord work that is very contagious and sounds really great. Throughout this album I heard sounds of Native American, Southern Rock, Country and just damn good guitar work throughout that is really impressive and Pebo has impressed me with his second to none feel that set my speakers on fire as I gave this album it’s time to spin it’s magic, and it has more than magic it has intensity that will most indeed make the “Barn Burn Down” and with the amazing guitar work of Pebo Wilson your ears will ignite with much delight. Many thanks to Pebo Wilson and his great friendship and his superb music talent and allowing me to be exposed to his flamable and very flavored guitar work and amazing and purely red hot talent.

Steven F. Adams

Writer/Publicist Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission


As I listened to the music project from musician and singer/ songwriter David Woods, the album is called “My Stuff” and that is exactly what you get when you hear David’s wonderful & thoughtful music. The first track on this album is called “My Head In The Sand” and David has that hauntingly good sound that brings the flavor of  a deep writer and David shows his pure talent in his writing. With that in mind the album turns and twists it way and you hear the rustic flavor of the song called “A Quiet Country Morning” and David once again proves his writing ability to have lyrics and songs that matter. With this in mind the next track is called “I Still Love you” and David has the ability with the acoustic sound that has that sound that allows your mind to travel back into time and hear the amazing smoothness of a guitar weeping along with the lyrics of the song called “I Still Love You” “To Lay Beside You A While” David embraces his amazing lyrical content and brings his focus into view, that shares a little folk ballad that is amazing and keeps the ears tuned into your speakers and allows you to feel the true emotional level of where David is at. A really beautiful love ballad, and I have told you before I am a true sucker for a good love ballad and this song is the epitome of a tried & true love ballad, and I really love it. “Move On” picks up the pace a little with the use of tambourine and David has that ability to move you with his amazing sound and superior writing skills that add so much and makes the song very fulfilling in every way. The next song called “Good Time Blues” David makes the guitar swing into action and swings into the blues and has a down and grindy feel to it that keeps that blues feeling with in the listener experience. “Sheba St. Marie” a song that has a tempo where you hear the accordion and the real feel of a true musician and one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head, it was contagious and a song that has a sing a long ability, which is nice, because every now & Then ya wanna just sit back and sing along with the song your listening to.  The next song called “When Sadie Sings” David continues with his real roots, Folk Rock with meaning. I listened to this wonderful and amazingly beautiful album I really felt, that David is not only a country guy, his true sound envelopes the folk sound and kept me listening and entertained. “Kathy’s Song” David utilized the phasing process and gave me a true flashback to the 60’s and I thought this is where David arrived with the name of this album, ” My Stuff”. “The Love in Your Heart” the next song on the album has a hauntingly beautiful arrangement and David’s vocals just blend in so well within the mix of rock, pop, folk and just plain great music. David has the musicality part down to a science, and David’s lyrics are a cut above and really meaningful and very heartfelt. As I listen intently to this wonderful album and David’s beautiful lyrics and the musicality he really strikes me as a folk guy and has that ability to bring your heart in with his amazing acoustical strums of his weeping guitar and his outstanding lyrical content that carry a true message of what David wishes to share through his amazing and purely touching music. I thank David for his wonderful and amazing friendship & his superb musicality and lovely lyrics that really make sense and matter and warm the heart.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer/ Publicist Owner Sound Wave One

c 2019 used by permission

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Well,  a musician that has an incredible sounding and showcases this through his latest music project. The music artist Damien Bonazzoli and his album called “The Endless Highway” the album has tremendous guitaristic flare and lots of blues influences. The album starts out with the song called “An Unexpected Truth” and showcases an almost flamencoish style that adds to the appeal. The song has a sound of a Mason Williams “Classical Gas” feel to it but Damien adds his powerful guitar fingers to the mix and does an exceptional job riff after riff. As I continued my voyage through this really superb virtuoso guitarist I picked up Damiens feel for perfection in all of his true musical styling. “Invicta” a song that rings out and spells out a tremendous reach for the blues that and I heard the electricfication throughout this song. Damien is truly talented and shows his amazing abilities that hits on the cusp of the musical guitar heavens. With the next track called “Wildcat Blues” Damien once again hits the chords just right and allows you to hear and feel the blues as it pumps through your veins. “Soltice” brings in a flavor of slower tempo blues, and gets you in the blues mood, as the song really picks the tempo. The guitar work is phenomenal and intricate. Damien and his talent guide you through this amazing and super charged album. “Winter” another cut that allows you to feel the “Claptonish” flavor and Damien & his amazing abilities allow you to feel that signature throughout this album. The album is a purely instrumental album, and despite this I felt the major presence of solid and sound musicality throughout. “The Road Less Traveled” really projects a sound that is truly amazing and wonderful. It has the feelings with the true intricate fret work of one,  Damien Bonazzoli. The next track on this highly detailed and truly defining album is called “Hardscrabble Road” and is a gentle but amazing sounds that take on a truly amazing feel and keep the emotional level moving along. “The Silver Cloud” has element of theatrical feel to it and keeps the journey moving along nicely as Damien shows of his perfection and timing to make a superb sounding blues song. “A Driving Rain” has gentle hints of flamenco buried within the borders of blues riffs and kept the speakers on their highest level all the way through. “Wander With Me” showcases Damiens detailed guitar work and true intimate side. The tempo slowed down and I felt the smoothness of the non abrasive vibes of Damiens gentle finger work on this truly amazing and wonderful song. The next track called “El Dorado” has complexed and driven fret work and Damien a “show off”, shows us how it’s done. ” A Long Drink at a Certain Bar” Steve’s Blues” Damien,  since this song has Steve in it I had to give it special attention, and this song really reflects a true and superb guitar player Damien Bonazzoli showing off his stuff. Fine work and supreme guitar skills and real talent. “Whispers” a song that has the signature feel and the real emotion along with it and has that real blues presence and approach and kept my ears glued to my speakers to hear and feel that total true talent that Damien projects on throughout this intricate and yet powerful amazing work of art. “Far Away”, what can I say, it is a true and amazing witness to what Damien Bonazzoli is as a true blues guy and an amazing ability to convey this through his fancy and talented digits. I have been a blues fan for a long while, and now that I’ve heard this wonderful and superbly crafted project called “Endless Highway” by Damien Bonazzoli,  I will remain a blues fan. The last song called “The Endless Highway” is a real good reason to stay a blues fan. The song has a rich crisp and ever so clear sound that has superb detailed guitar work and Damien Bonazzoli brings it to life with his amazing and true talent that is projected throughout his entire musical catalog. I do look forward to hearing more from Damien and anxious await to hear what’s next for his truly dynamic digits that keep you entertained and to the point of memerized and leaving you wanting more. Many thanks to Damien and for his friendship & for his amazing and finely crafted and intricately played musical talent and his willingness to share it with me.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer Journalist Publicist Owner Sound Wave One

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