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Once I listen listened to the latest album from country music singer & songwriter and superstar, Morgan Ashley. With the launch of her album called “Karma” Morgan brings in that distinctive sound that she has been since I wrote on her EP back in 2017 and is most enjoyable. Especially the song called “Keepin The Dog” where Morgan has an approach about singing about “Keepin the Dog, it seems as if that she really has something to say, and throughout the song Morgan has good tempo and rhythm and the song has a real catchy kind of feel to it. Kickin her man to the curb, but she’s definite about “Keepin the Dog”. The next track called “Your Girl” Morgan brings in her sound that is a really great song and the guitar riffs are superb and polished and the song is really enjoyable and in my opinion this is already a hit song. The song remains to be relevant and I really like the song and Morgan shines through on this one. “Come Find Me”, Morgan really shows her mature vocals on this one, and she has a clear message throughout, I really enjoy this song, it allows you to hear the side of Morgan that shows her true musicianship and really once again has a message and Morgan does a superb job on this, a very expressive kind of album thus far. “Waste my Time” Morgan really allows you to hear her music diversity in each song, and this song seems to show the friskiness of Morgans’ vocals and allows you hear her confidence and is really nice to hear on an album. “Missin you Phase” once again the theme to this album Morgan really seems to have the thread woven through about breakup and straight forwardness in her lyrics, with a song called “Missin you Phase” if that doesn’t say anything well ya gotta listen again. “Typical Love Song” a little of the blues vibes shine through on this song, where Morgan allows herself to be vulnerable and this song shows the softer side of Morgan, and this is my personal favorite song on this awesome album and Morgan really has that mature approach throughout, and she is really good and all through the album Morgan, brings in her consistent sound and is apparent throughout. “Bad Boy Chaser” Morgan brings in the element of Rock and one again a little gritty feel to this song where Morgan exploits her confidence in her vocals and she has it on this song, and I like to hear that diversity & changing it up. With the next song on the track list it’s called “Kiss And Tell” and this song fits within the album plain to see message and Morgan has really come to her own, and it’s really nice to hear that side of her. On certain parts of Morgans’ wonderfully talented and crafted vocals she has the ability to hit the highs and lows just right and adds her own punch when the time is right on each song. “I Don’t believe in Love” a beautifully written and Morgan adds her true vulnerabilities on this song and she is outstanding and is a real polished and distinct sound that is Morgan Ashley. The last song on this miraculous album is called “What goes Around” and this song is like the icing on the cake, the song in superb and Morgan really struts her vocal range and I really love this song, in fact the whole album is amazing and a really great sound that Ashley seems to have perfected and brought in her on personalized vocals and her style Is most enjoyable and anyone that knows about the sound of music that has that of Morgan Ashley, they share the ingredients of huge success. I want to thank Morgan for inviting me to hear her wonderful music and I thank her for getting me a copy of her EP earlier last year as well I also thank her for her kindness and friendship and I know I will be hearing Morgan Ashely on the radio on my local radio station, and elsewhere, and in my opinion Morgan is headed one way to the top.

Steven F. Adams

Owner Music Journalist/ Writer SoundWaveOne

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With my latest listening time, I slowed down the tempo a little to hear a legendary singer in the industry. She has a smooth and velvet voice that extracts her passion into the music, and her story is unbelievable. With this 8 song “sampler’ of Diane woods Carter, “For The Love In You”,  I was totally fell in love with her vocals on the  album. The first song called “King Passion” Diane brings in her true passion & love felt lyrics where, Diane has such a soul driven vocal range throughout her style & music. with this song Diane showcases her “Passion” for sure and her true love for what she sings about in every song. The next song called “Hungry For Love” Diane expresses vocally, her loud and clear vocal range and this song and I once again felt her tremendous passion and her driven range and gets down and adds her adds a bluesy feel to this song. The focus of Diane adds her sound that is unmatched and soulful & bluesy feeling to this song and I have been a fan of blues for quite a while and Diane is a sure bet on this song. “Just Can’t Let You Go” is by far my personal favorite on this album, where, Diane is at her best and this song is a lovely ballad and I truly feel her love arriving through my speakers, and this is a superb example of that Soulful sound, that is truly Diane Woods Carter” As I listened to this song I felt the pure and honest vibes and the superb message that Diane has in her tremendous & smooth vocals throughout this wonderful love song. In my opinion this song has Diane Woods Carter all over it. “Call of the Heart” Diane belts out her vocals and they are on fire with this powerful, yet strong and full of emotion and I can easily tell you that is exactly why Diane has been asked to sing with so many major music artists of her time. After reading her bio she has sung back ups on several artists with the likes of Eric Carmen & his song “Hungry Eyes” and Kenny G. featuring Ellis Hall on the song, “What Does It Take”. The next track on this soulful & splendidly superb album is called “Sayonara Sweetie” & once again Diane, shows her groove appeal and that kind of rough and split vocal range that we don’t hear so often in music and is a much loved sound that I really enjoy. Diane has really got that sound that is radio ready in all of her songs and I actually not surprised that she isn’t hitting it big time with these superb songs. “One Good Thing” is yet another reason that Diane and her beautiful voice and music are kept in my heart, she just has that sound that captures  your heart & never releases. She has a voice of classic R & B and mixes a fresh approach in all her songs on this album. “Between a Man & a Woman” Diane adds her emotionally charged vocals and reaches out in pure passion and love. On this song Diane has a bluesy feel and brings in the true R&B sounds and the back up singers add to her already polished vocal range. With this album Diane Woods Carter has a huge promise to any music promoter and any radio station or anyone who has a heart for a solid gold sound of superb music. With the last track on this album the song is called “You’ll Never Be Mine Again” Diane really outdoes herself and her vocals are out of this world and a fresh change & I feel that she can take on the R&B world with one song at a time with her glorious and silver polished lyrics that are amazing to hear. Through & through this album Diane Woods Carter is the real thing, and I am totally impressed from start to finish, and I thank Diane for filling my ears with her beauty and her ever so awesome sense of musicality and wonderful friendship & look forward to the day, or time when I hear her tremendous talent on my radio. I also thank Karl for bringing her music to my attention & providing a vehicle, her music album, that I might hear her tremendous gift of song & music, and tremendously loving voice.

Steven f. Adams

Journalist/Publicist/Promoter/Writer Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2018 used by permission

for More info on Diane Woods Carter check out her web site



As Listened to the new EP of Texas Crossing which features the vocals of Tiffany Valentine & Colt Buckele. The first song is called “Cry” and Colts vocals are raspy and Tiffany adds her vocal range to the mix which is a really enjoyable, and it has almost bluesy feel to it. The song and it’s contents which includes some serious blues riffs within and Tiffany tucks her vocals right between Colts raspy and gravely vocals and is quite good. With hearing this I almost ant to classify Texas Crossing as a blues act, but not, just good music with substance and meaning. The next song on this EP is called “Grandpa” and Colt shows a tender side of his vocal range and maintains a little gritty through it, but remains to be a real good slow ballad, and is rather catchy and contagious. The Orchestration on the song is really smooth and I am a real sucker for ballads and this song has got to be one of my favorites in recent memory. The next song is called “Here I Am” and the sound of this is phenomenal, the guitar work and Tiffany on vocals bring in the element of good country music and her vocals are very unique and I really like the song,  it has a approach that Tiffany & Colt bring to the table of country music that I haven’t heard in  music and is rather enjoyable to the ears.  The strings in the song were excellent and really enjoyable & soothing and to hear such a awesome sound emitting from my speakers. Between Colt & Tiffany they have a chemistry that adds true believability to what they are singing. As I listened to this marvelous sound that was before me the song that came across my speakers was a really great sounding song called “The other Side Of Heaven” and Colts vocals once again struck the right chord with me. The song an emotional kind of song that really is truthful & honest and brings in the element of touch and feel and this is yet another song that I really enjoyed. Texas Crossing has got a unique sound that is brutally honest and I really enjoy having the pleasure of reviewing this solid sounding music album. With the last song on the EP called “It’s all Over” Colt has a very distinctive sound that stands alone, meaning there is no one that I can actually compare it to, and Tiffany once again lends her beautiful vocals to the mix and makes once again a superb and fine touched love song. With that all being said I want to hear more from the band called Texas Crossing, five songs isn’t nearly enough to say a whole lot, however with what I heard on this super great and enjoyable, EP Texas Crossing has a sound all their own and makes me wish to hear more. The whole EP is filled with passion and love and all comes from the heart of it’s writers Colt & Tiffany. My many thanks to Tiffany & Colt who never gave up on me, they have been relentless in pursuing me in getting me to write their review of their wonderful and beautiful music. I look forwards to hearing & reviewing a full body of Texas Crossing soon and hopefully I will be hearing their music on my radio.

Steven F. Adams

Music Journalist/Publicist/Reviewer Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2018 used by permission


The one thing I must say that being a music reviewer and a music publicist I get the real pleasure of hearing all kinds of music. Most recently I’ve had the real pleasure and honor of listening to an album that really perked my ears in the direction of the Jazz greats. The album is called Swingin’ with the legends”.  In September of 2016 I was introduced to a musician that put out an music album called Ron Aprea “Pays Tribute to John Lennon”, as most tributes you hear all the songs of that artist through the musicians ears. This album appealed to me since I am a long time fan of John Lennon and his work. At the time I read, did my homework on this guy Ron Aprea, and wow! was I amazed at his talents and credits to his name, including the classic album Walls & Bridges” and the number one  song called “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” by John Lennon , amazing connection. Well my friends the story continues Ron Aprea and his saxophone have contributed to a lot of music and musicians along his amazing career. As a boy growing up in New York, and as a young child listening to the greats like count Basie at the Birdland. I can only imagine, what inspiration Ron had a listening to all the jazz greats. On this album Ron continues his amazing talents with an album called “Swingin’ with Legends” Angela DeNiro with the Ron Aprea Orchestra, wow!! I as a person who grew up listening to this style of music myself, Ron cleans house with the amazing and beautiful and perfect vocals of Angela DeNiro  What an amazing and explosive album. As I placed the album in my player it starts right off the bat with a song called “Midnight Sun” a song written by the legendary Lionel Hampton, and Angela just belts out her extreme and awesome vocals into full swing. With the solo work of jazz great and legendary status, Lionel Hampton adds to the total greatness of this wonderful and amazing song. the song is a little over 6 minutes long and every square inch between Ron and Angela and the amazing talented musicians lending their talents the song is spot on and marvelous. At times I felt much like Ron watching at Birdland. I was simply put, blown away. The next track called III Wind, Angela and the marvelous sound of the Ron Aprea Orchestra continued to wow me in every direction. The sound is breathtakingly phenomenal and I need to pay a visit to one of these recording sessions. With the next song on this amazing and explosive album is called “Avalon” where the horn section alone is unreal, as I listened Angela and her vocals are out of this world and is one with the band throughout. The tempo slows down on the next track called “Travelin’ Light” and I felt as if I were in the nightclub with this amazing and superior talent right in front of me. The production of this album is outstanding, perfect in every way. I am not part of this generation of music, however I was transported back to the amazing days of this incredible style of music. “The Song is you” is the next song on this glorious and unreal album, Angelas’ ability to scat is unreal and in my opinion is more than awesome, her vocals blend right in with the brass and is most enjoyable. “Naima” a John Coltrane number that between Ron Aprea Orchestra and Angelas vocals perform magic and right in my ears. This song has a heavy influence of John Coltrane, and at times I felt it was what I was listening to. “How Insensitive” the orchestra just displays so much feeling and Angela and her vocals just bring this to your ears delight. Ron has outdone himself on this the horn section is unbelievable and sailed my mind back to Birdland, and was totally blown away. “Will you Still Be Mine” the scatting continues and Angela it simply put amazing and my musical side of me brings me back to an amazing time of life where this music was king. “Young & Foolish” is that kind of song that really transported me once again back to the nightclub and Angela has the personal touch with her amazing vocals that speak right to you as she sings all of these wonderful numbers. The full sounds of the next song called “Lover come Back to Me” Angela and the orchestra are splendid and I was actually in constant ah, of the feelings and real up close feelings I had as I listened and marveled at the sound that I was experiencing. With the next song called “A Ballad for Mathew” I really felt the amazing love and tenderness of the song itself, and added to the music Angela I really thought what a beautiful love that both Ron & Angela share with their son through a tremendous gift of song. If I might add sometimes I wish I had a song written about & for me. “Don’t Talk About Love” a kind of arrangement in the style of Sinatra and Angela on this song is spot on and amazing, at times I think she is what they call a natural and added to the amazing talents of Ron Aprea, is a match made in heaven. “I’ll close My Eyes” and Both Ron & Angela just make a beautiful composition that kept my ears and foot taping to the beats and tremendous orchestration and I was incredibly mesmorized through each song. As I listened on the next track “Bring on the Raindrops” and Angela is just amazing as she keeps up and has that ability to keep her vocals moving up and climbs over the top with this song. With this incredible album the legend himself Mr. Lionel Hampton is featured  on track 15 speaking with Angela and it’s simply put, amazing talent throughout this awe inspiring music album, which features so many greats, Ron Aprea along with his amazingly talented wife Angela have proven that music can be an amazing and powerful, and after hearing this album I feel the need to be make plans to see this style of music in a live setting. With such pure and talent of both Ron Aprea and Angela DeNiro I am truly honored and blessed to have written a music review of their music album called “Swingin’ With the Legends” and indeed I am honored and truly feel I am swingin’ with the legends myself, with Ron’s legendary career and Angela as well I am in good company and thank Ron & Angela for their wonderful friendship and I look forward to hearing more from these legends and wish to have the honor of  maybe one day see them in a live show and maybe perhaps at Birdland, where it all started for Ron.

Steven F. Adams

Music Reviewer/Publicist/Writer Owner SoundWaveOne

c 2018 used by permission





As  I listen to the EP called “Glimpse” wonderfully crafted and sung by 17 year old Camryn Wilson who hails from North Carolina and has a really great song and musicality. The first song called “Puppet” Camryn has a distinctive and nice vocal ability and the lyrics actually have meaning and for a young singer. Camryn brings in the emotional value of a song. As  I listened to the song I realized that she has a way of conveying her message through her gift of song writing and her vocals are really enjoyable and direct. “Get a little Crazy” Camryn brings in her element of a sing a long added a flare of rap mixed between her once again, important lyrics that have something to say. The next song called “Why” Camryn and her vocal range is “OUTSTANDING”, and the acoustic guitar element brought in the mix makes her so sincere and as a music reviewer I felt the pure emotion and love and true awesome power of her vocal range. Camryn has a voice of current, when I say this she blends right in with the current stars of today and the song ‘Why’ really proved that, Camryn adds her personality to each song she sings and has a lot to say. Camryn has a voice of maturity throughout this 6 song EP, and I was simply “Wow’d” by her pointed lyrics and with the next song called “Wrong for Me” Camryn just has a simplicity to her voice, with a pure innocence to it and throughout this EP I loved every song on it. Camryn has a sound that I become intranced to hear more of, and the main item I go back to is her lyrics which are amazing and coupled with her tremendous vocal range, in my opinion Camryn needs to be heard and in my opinion she’s got a sound that is fresh & real, that’s how I’d describe Camryn to others “Real.”  Camryn has got a real sound and is unbelievable sound that is superbly sounding and is very current. “Wrong For Me” Camryn once again pulls out her arsenal of sharp and defined lyrics and sings from a mature stance an this song is a prime example of just that, “real & mature”. “Infinity” Camryn brings her true colors out for all to hear and see with her vocals and writing abilities in my opinion she’s got a one way ticket to the stage of music and listening to this was a pure delight & enjoyable presentation. It is always good to know that there are musicians who have promise and actually have the talent to prove it, and in my opinion Camryn has that & more. The song “Infinity” Camryn really spoke to my heart and brought some real and emotional feelings to the surface for myself, and with that she struck a chord with my own life and is a really awesome singer and needs to be out there in music land. I thank Camryn for allowing me to hear such a beautiful album and her splendid and articulate vocals and I want to hear more from her. My hope is that when the full album arrives she will already be a name on the radio, because with just what I’ve heard she is that and so much more.

Steven F. Adams

Owner/Music Journalist Writer Sound Wave One

c 2018 used by permission

check out more on her web site



As I listened to the EP of Arnold Connelly called “My Eyes Are Only On You” starts off the album with a song called “The Cowboy Dance” and Arnold seems to have a voice from the past, I actually can’t put a specific music artist to mind, however the song shows it’s strength with it’s catchy musical flare of the cowboys strums of the guitar and kind of has a snap to the sound. Surrounding Arnolds vocals are the back up vocals of La Donna Brewer Capps, and makes it have a sound that brings in a unique style. With the next song starting the song called “My Eyes Are Only On You”, where it remains to be a classic sounding song and Arnold has a voice that is one of the past country acts that I remember hearing, but the lyrical content is good and structured, with the steel guitar of Eddie Lange and piano of Tim Atwood, brings in that feeling of music of the past but once again Arnold keeps that real Nashville sound moving. The next track on the enjoyable EP Arnold continues with that traditional Nashville bar room flavor and the song called “I See you” adds the backup vocals of Ladonna Brewer Capps, and the steel guitar adds that real country bar room sent to it and is quite nice as you listen. as I read the players on the album I noticed that on drums is Ronnie McDowell Jr. which as I listened I never would have noticed and adds to the complete sound of this flavorful & heavily influenced by classic and vintage country. With the song called “Saying Goodbye” Arnold has smooth and his lyrics maintain the level of good country writing.  The last track on this EP is called “Single Wide Trailer” where Arnold brings in the sound of rough and a little rowdy kind of feeling to the musicality to the song and has a good sound, with the steel and fancy fret work and piano and the beat of the band keeps that bar room flavor alive throughout. I thank Arnold for willing to share his gift of music with me and I’d like to hear more from him in the future. I appreciate his friendship and thank him for his tremendous gift of song and music.

Steven F. Adams

Owner/Music Journalist Writer at Sound Wave One

c 2018 used by permission


Well it’s no wonder and about time that this tremendously talented and pure soul is nominated for so many categories of music awards, quite frankly she’s always been a pure delight to speak with as well as to hear her incredible gift of song. With this in mind, Miss Tamanie Dove has bit me with her “Venom” and her incredible latest music project called 2018. It’s been quoted “I couldn’t have done this without your support, well my friends I am here to tell you I feel the same way towards this awesome singer songwriter & friend. Tamanie, arrives this album with a song called “Be Right Here” and what a beautiful ballad that just sums up a real & true emotional chord with myself, she has always had that power of reaching out to you in a way that seems to speak right to my heart and this song is only the first song on this wonderfully produced and sung album. “Stand Up” the 2nd cut on this wonderful and masterful album Tamanie brings in her element of versatility and shows her ability to “mix:” it up and really is vulnerable and is ahead of her time, I guess my words would be a “timeless treasure” that unlocks as you listen. The next track called “Venom” Tamanie, keeps her edgy but true music that really speaks to the elements of time and of place. The next track is called “Gone” Tamanie really is filled with the passion and I can really feel her emotionally charged feelings within the song and her tremendous vocals, …”outstanding” love it. With the next song starting out it’s a hard driven, gear shifting into high gear Tamanie brings the music driving machine to top speed, with the guitars ripping throughout and Tamanie just knockin’ it out of the park. The song is called “Not my Drama  a very explosive but powerful message ushered in the mix with Tamanies’ rough and rowdy kind of lyrics and musicality. The same kind of rough & grindy kind of music that gets your hips and body grinding to the beat, the song is called “Revelation” where Tamanie explores the region of reality and allows you to hear her thoughts, delivered via her powerfully written lyrics and executed with Tamanies’ ever so talented vocal range. “Delusional Hallucination” brings in the sound of tribal beats along with a eclectic style of flamenco and classical guitarism throughout. Tamanie has the ability to express herself through her tremendous vocal range and this song shows her expressiveness and is different, however it has the Tamanie signature on it. “I’ll Try” Tamanie brings in her passion, and expresses a lot of her love on this song  Tamanie, actually once again speaks to you with her natural abilities to convey her feelings and emotions and love throughout her wonderful music catalog. “Dissapear” has a almost funky kind of sound to it, however Tamanie pulls out her trigger of fire in her awesome vocal range and rides with pureness and feelings, and the song has sounds of rhythmic beats and guitar strums and has a almost bluesy funk to it, and is really enjoyable to hear this musical diversity in Tamanie. “I’m That” Tamanie has an almost grindy, edgy feel to this song that has a true bluesy feel to it and the guitar work is phenomenally great and with Tamanies’ vocals once again make it come alive. The next song is called “on Your Knees” Tamanie brings in her element of simple song, the song just is true Tamanie at her finest and I love the song. The last song on this album is called “Never Lie” and is probably one of my favorites on the album, I really love the way the music mix is blended within the haunting and mysterious and outstanding vocals of Tamanie. Tamanie Dove has been a tremendous gift to my life as a writer and I am so honored to have written her music album reviews and in my opinion she needs to be not only nominated for all the elements that she has, but nominated for pure talent and awesomeness and if there is a category for true friend that would get my vote. I thank Tamanie for all of her continued support for my writing and to quote “I Couldn’t Have done This without your Support” XoXoXo.

Steven F. Adams

Owner/Music Journalist/Writer at Sound Wave One

c 2018 used by permission